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15 November 2018

A Way Back Home by Alison Sherlock

I am thrilled to be inviting Alison Sherlock on to the blog today to talk all about the inspiration behind their Willow Tree Hall series and to tease a little about the latest book, A Way Back Home. Each book in the series can be read as a standalone, so you can jump in to the story at any point (and I definitely recommend that you do) and have your heart warmed by the characters you find there. A Way Back Home is also perfect for reading in the run up to Christmas to get you in a festive mood.

A  Way  Back  Home

A  Way  Back  Home  is  the  third  book  in  my  Willow  Tree  Hall  series.  The  idea  for  Willow  Tree  Hall  actually  came  from  watching  Downton  Abbey!  I  watched  the  programme  and  wondered  what  it  would  be  like  to  live  in  a  grand  stately  home  in  the  present  day.  As  I  researched  the  subject,  I  realised  that  many  of  our  country  estates  had  fallen  into  disrepair  due  to  the  high  running  costs.  And  thus  became  the  ‘eureka’  moment  that  began  the  plot  for  Book  1  in  the  series,  A  House  To  Mend  A  Broken  Heart. 

The  renovation  and  transformation  of  Willow  Tree  Hall  will  take  place  over  all  four  books,  although  you  don’t  need  to  read  them  in  any  particular  order  as  each  story  is  standalone.  I  was  a  tiny  bit  worried  about  writing  a  series  –  my  first  ever!  But  all  of  the  books  have  been  huge  fun  to  write  as  I  loved  having  the  chance  to  catch  up  with  my  characters  each  time.  Will  Harris  is  the  hero  in  A  Way  Back  Home  and  I’ve  been  desperate  to  write  his  particular  story  from  the  very  beginning!    He  is  the  younger  brother  to  Sam,  the  heir  to  Willow  Tree  Hall.  Will  has  always  felt  like  the  ‘spare’  and  surplus  to  requirements  over  the  past  few  years.  Instead  of  helping  with  the  renovations,  he  has  stayed  abroad,  building  up  his  playboy  image,  complete  with  an  Aston  Martin!  But  when  he  loses  his  job,  Will  is  finally  forced  to  come  home. 

The  trouble  is,  the  rundown  lodge  he  calls  home  has  unexpectedly  received  a  new  co-owner,  a  stranger  called  Skye  Jackson.  Skye  is  as  surprised  by  the  inheritance  as  Will  is  and  both  of  them  want  the  matter  dealt  with  as  quickly  as  possible.  But,  as  always,  it’s  never  that  easy...

The  book  was  great  fun  to  write  as  I  had  already  given  Will  a  wickedly  dry  sense  of  humour.  Therefore  it  was  only  right  that  the  heroine  of  the  story  would  be  free-spirited  Skye  who  is  his  total  opposite! 

Do  they  find  common  ground  and  even  love  over  a  long,  cold  winter?  You’ll  have  to  read  A  Way  Back  Home  to  find  out!

A Way Back Home by Alison Sherlock coverAdd to Goodreads button
What  happens  when  two  lost  souls  find  themselves? 

After  recent  heartbreak,  Skye  Jackson  finds  herself  homeless  and  on  the  road  with  only  a  classic  Airstream  trailer  to  her  name.  A  surprise  inheritance  of  a  rundown  little  lodge  in  the  grounds  of  beautiful  Willow  Tree  Hall  forces  her  to  change  her  plans.  However  there  is  a  problem... 

The  lodge  is  co-owned  by  care-free,  playboy  Will  Harris,  who  finds  himself  unemployed  after  a  recent  tabloid  scandal.    

Syke  desperately  wants  a  home  to  call  her  own  and  needs  to  move  on  as  quickly  as  possible.  Will  doesn't  want  to  stay  at  his  family  home  either  to  face  the  ghosts  of  his  past.  So  they  decide  to  put  aside  their  differences  and  renovate  the  cottage  together.

But  when  a  storm  hits,  Skye  and  Will  are  forced  to  stay  on  to  ensure  that  an  important  wedding  goes  ahead.  Can  Skye  finally  find  a  home  of  her  own?  Can  Will  stop  running  from  his  past  and  help  out  his  family  when  they  need  him  the  most?

The  magic  of  winter  at  Willow  Tree  Hall  is  about  to  change  everything...   


  1. What an amazing post - I love series which can also be read as stand alone novels and have this kind of storyline. I tend to read a lot of heavy books so I love when I come across books which have a funner and more heartwarming storyline. Thanks for sharing! x

  2. This sounds like such a heart warming book! I'm keen to find out what happens to Skye and Will now. It sounds like such a cosy read and even better that it will get you in the festive mood too. The cover is beautiful, this would definitely catch my attention in a bookshop. Thanks for sharing Cora! <3 xx

    Bexa |

  3. This sounds like a book I would really enjoy reading. It definitely does seem like it would be perfect for the run up to Christmas. I think my mum would enjoy this too, so it could be a good present :)


  4. Sounds like an amazing book and I really like the cover!😊

    Shirley |


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