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02 December 2018

Film Review: A Christmas Prince

Last year A Christmas Prince popped up on my Netflix, a great big banner at the top of the screen, and I squealed. Because I absolutely love Christmas films, they are such cheesy joy. I watched the trailer, squealed some more, then added it to My List to watch when it came out.

Since then it has become one of my happy films, something I put on when I need to be cheered up and feel my heart warm.

So this year I grabbed some shortbread and a ginerbread latte, and snuggled up with a blanket to watch it again.

A Christmas Prince Netflix poster

And it was still just as excellent this year.

Now I have a great love for Rose McIver, she's just so freaking adorable that I can't help but love everything she's in. And A Christmas Prince is no exception and I now look forward to it every year and (not gonna lie) I watch it multiple times.

I think my absolute favourite scene in the film in the snow ball scene - it's so joyous and pure and I always end up with a huge grin on my face when I've seen it, no matter my mood.

I just love the drama of it all, the secrets and scheming, the misunderstandings, the way everything comes together. But especially the drama, the cheer cheesy drama.

And the ending? Well lets just say I have a goofy smile on my face then too. And I can't wait to watch the sequel. I love it when the "bad guys" get their comeuppance.

Have you seen A Christmas Prince?


  1. I LOVE this movie! haha when she pulls up her gown and shoes of her converse? Perfect!

  2. I have never seen this movie before, but always up for watching Christmas movies. The Christmas
    Cronicles is on Netflix too and my littlest sister and mum watched it and said it was good, it’s on my list! Thank you for sharing a great review! Happy blogmas!
    Lauren |

  3. I cant believe I still havent seen this!! Really need to

    Ellie x

  4. A Christmas Prince is one my new fav holiday movies as well!! (next to Elf of course hehe) The snowball fight scene is so cute, and Princess Emily is my favorite character �� Lovely post, hon!

  5. I cannot wait to watch this movie! 😍

    Shirley |

  6. I have to say this is probably my least favourite Netflix original romcom that I've watched so far,but I did still quite enjoy it, and I'll be wàtching the sequel soon probably 😊
    Amy x

  7. I'd never even heard of this until now, but I'm going to be watching it!


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