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07 December 2018

Five Fantastic Festive Films

I love a good festive film binge, and here are five fantastic films I've watched this year that I'd recommend to anyone looking for cheesy festive goodness.

A Christmas Prince

I was so excited for this film last year for two reasons. 1. The trailer was so cheesy 2. Rose McIver. I loved how A Christmas Prince seemed like it had a tiny budget, for some reason it really tickles me to see the lavish setting and then all the obviously costume jewellery.

A Wish For Christmas

Uhm, excuse me, it's got Lacey Chabert in so OF COURSE it's awesome. I really enjoy the feel good factor of this one, the message that you can be brave if you try. It encouraged me to speak up for myself a little more, so that's always a bonus.

The Princess Switch

I never knew that I needed this film in my life until I watched it. Three times. In a row. It's just so blooming sweet and fun and it doesn't take itself seriously. It's definitely one to make you smile.

The Holiday Calendar

I didn't know about this one until the banner came up on Netflix and then I was all over it. It's such a lovely film about family and friendship and love, and I loved the touch of whimsy with the calendar itself.

The Sweetest Christmas

This film makes me SO HUNGRY like give me all the food now, so when I watch it I scoff gingerbread and popcorn and mice pies. Also it's super sweet and heart warming and cheesy.

What's your favourite festive film?


  1. The Holiday Calendar is quite possibly a new favourite Christmas film of all time for me, and I really enjoyed A Christmas Prince and The Princess Switch too (even though it was SO weird to hear Sam Palladio's actual accent in it.). Will check out the other two! Are they on Netflix?
    Amy x

  2. The Princess Switch is such an amazing movie!😍

    Shirley |

  3. I love Elf and The Nightmare Before Christmas.

  4. I've never heard of any of these films. Isn't Lacey Chabert one of the Mean Girls (the one who says "fetch" all the time? Gretchen?)? If so, then I'd like to see that film because she's funny. My fave Christmas films are Arthur Christmas and Love Actually x


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