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23 May 2019

My Favourite Sci-Fi Tropes and Themes *AD Gifted

Usborne Publishing sent me a free review copy of Beauty Sleep by Kathryn Evans.

Get yourself a cuppa, because this is a long one all about my love of sci-fi, inspired by Beauty Sleep by Kathryn Evans. Which is excellent.

It wasn't until a couple of years ago that I realised I loved sci-fi. Up until I started book blogging, I'd usually say something like "I never read sci-fi!" or "I don't like sci-fi!" or "isn't sci-fi the worst?". And I was wrong. Because I was actually reading a lot of sci-fi, I was loving a lot of sci-fi, and actually, sci-fi is the best, isn't it? The sheer scope of sci-fi, the infinite possibilities, mean that pretty much everything can be explored. I love the daring, how it challenges perceptions, how it explores lesser heard voices.

I think one of my favourite things about sci-fi is how it explores inequality and injustice. In Beauty Sleep by Kathryn Evans, I loved how class and poverty and wealth were picked apart. I loved the contrast between Laura and Shem, how different their lives were. I loved the extra layer added by Laura's memories from before she woke up, how vulnerable it made her to be thrust into the limelight and world of celebrity and privilege, because she had known differently.

Beauty Sleep takes a long hard look at beauty standards and fashion trends and vanity. It rips in to greed and privilege and our fascination with celebrities. It even delves into medical ethics in a pretty shocking way.

Sci-fi often feels almost normal at times, and then BAM there's a subtle undercurrent of suspicion and unease - you know that something isn't right and you can't stop reading until you find out what it is.

Near-future sci-fi is a particular favourite because of how extra-real it all feels. It's feels like this could happen. This could be it. This could be the future. There's an extra urgency to it. And Beauty Sleep accomplishes this marvellously. The word is so achingly familiar that at times I forgot I was reading something that wasn't set in the here and now. The technological advancements felt so natural and inevitable.

Beauty Sleep by Kathryn Evans 

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What would you give for the chance to live again?

Laura was dying. There was no cure for her illness. So her family decided to grasp a desperate last hope - Laura was frozen until she could be cured.

But what happens when you wake up one day and the world has moved on forty years? Your best friend is middle-aged, your parents presumed dead. Could you find a new place to belong? Could you build a new life - while solving the mystery of what happened to the old one?

Dark secrets lurk in the future of the girl from the past…

What are your favourite sci-fi tropes and themes?


  1. As a sci-fi writer, I've always preferred soft sci-fi over hard sci-fi because it really does allow you to imagine future societies or different planets and make statements or challenge ideas about our own societal shortcomings when dealing with inequality or government issues.

    I'm glad you like sci-fi, there needs to be more of us ladies propelling this genre forward. Mary Shelley would be proud!

  2. Sci-fi wouldn't be my first choice of genre to read, but I am very much intrigued about this book and I'll defo have to try it out because like you, I may just find my new love!

    Jessica & James |

  3. I've never actually read a sci-fi book but your review has really caught my attention! The story sounds so interesting and I'd love to know what the world would look like in forty years time. Thanks for the recommendation, Cora, I'll have to check it out! Fab review! <3 xx

    Bexa |

  4. I really need to read this, it sounds so interesting!

  5. It is so amazing how science-fiction allows people to explore topics from today's society in a seemingly safe space, because it is set so far in advance. I love that, and I love when I am able to connect aspects of science-fiction books I am reading with my daily life.

  6. This book sounds like my cup of tea!

  7. I love sci-fi books and Beauty Sleep is on of my faovurites! I love a good twist in a sci-fi book and I enjoy how they take technology to extreme lengths.

  8. i defintely agree w that sentiment of not realising that i liked scifi till blogging. its a v good genre but also broad. i think its hard scifi im not a fan of.

    Great post btw

  9. Sci-fi is a genre I’ve not read into very much, but one I want to read more widely ��

  10. Beauty Sleep sounds like a very interesting read.

    Yeah, science fiction is a huge and amazingly diverse genre. I'd actually compare it to the romance genre in that some people don't necessarily realize they're even reading those genres because of how often they're both mixed into other stories.

    And I like near-future sci-fi that explores issues related to inequality and injustice, too. We have similar tastes there. :)


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