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31 August 2019


I was very late to the Magical Readthon party and only did my OWLs in July, but I was ready for my NEWTs. Or so I thought.

I'd planned ahead with my OWLs and so I only had three books to read. So how did it go?

Seer Career Path

NEWTS - Divination

Acceptable - White Cover

Nevernight by Jay Kristoff

Exceeds Expectations - Short Story or Collection

Letting Go by Cat Clarke

Outstanding - Most Recently Acquired

Kushiel's Dart by Jacqueline Carey

Although I only needed to read three books for my NEWTs I really struggled. Part of this was because one of my books was over 1000 pages, another part of this was that I kept rereading the pages in Nevernight over and over and it took me about three times longer to read than normal because of this. I fell into a slump and it felt like I was getting nowhere. It was almost a relief when I picked up Letting Go by Cat Clarke and read it in a single sitting, and I finished up all three books only yesterday. Definitely cutting it close.

That said, I did read a little outside of the readathon. I rage-read some truly trashy and problematic romances (a whole series of 5 books in fact) in an effort to get myself out of my funk, and I got through the entirety of The Boys comics. But overall August was a pretty sucky month for me reading wise, and I'm now further behind than ever with my reading challenge.

What did you read in August?


  1. Well done on completing your NEWTS. I read Letting Go this month too

  2. Yayyyy well done on completing your NEWTS!

  3. Congratulations on finishing your NEWTs Cora! I know what you mean about a slump, I also got one in the middle of August and thought that would be the death of me

    1. It's the worst, especially when you're trying to do a challenge/readathon.

  4. 1,000 pages is one long book! Slumps suck, but well done on your NEWTS ��

  5. That's a shame about Nevernight but well done!
    - Kate xo

  6. honestly im not entirely sure ive ever been Not behind on reading challenges :')

  7. well done on finishing the reading challenge regardless! Nevernight can be a hard book to read and Kusihels Dart is an absolute beast if I recall.

    1. Kushiel's Dart was definitely a beast haha but I really enjoyed it a lot. So much political intrigue and plotting and betrayal.

  8. I think I would have been the same way with Nevernight if I hadn't listened to the audiobook. I even had to turn it back sometimes because I missed something. Also, wow, 1000 pages! The last time I read a book that big I got in a reading slump as well, so I understand!


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