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21 September 2019

Window Shopping: The Scottish Fine Soaps Company

Window Shopping is where poor little me fantasy shops on various websites, because I may be skint, but there's a lot on my wishlist and it's too beautiful not to share. I am not in any way paid or compensated for this post, it's just me sharing things I covet.

Window Shopping: The Scottish Fine Soaps Company

It was while I was blog hopping one night that I came across the Scottish Fine Soaps Company. I saw a blog post about their La Paloma Collection on What Corinne Did and fell in love with the packaging. But it was a few months later when she posted about their Oatmeal Collection that I caved and ordered and fell in love. Can confirm, the bathing milk is heavenly.

Here's what I'd buy if I wasn't quite so skint right now!

These just sound divine, I imagine they smell heavenly. I love bath salts anyway, but the added sea kelp is sure to sooth and hydrate your skin.

The Scottish Fine Soaps Company - Sea Kelp - Marine Spa Mineral Bath Soak
Image copyright The Scottish Fine Soaps Company

As the weather turns my hands just... Bleh. They dry out, the skin gets all tight, sometimes they crack. This would help me right away and moisturise my poor wee hands.

The Scottish Fine Soaps Company - Silver Buckthorn Hand Care Set
Image copyright The Scottish Fine Soaps Company

Au Lait Bathing Milk
This was my first purchase from The Scottish Fine Soaps Company, and I have since bought this a couple times for myself and as gifts for others. I absolutely adore it. It smells amazing and leaves my skins feeling super soft.

The Scottish Fine Soaps Company - Au Lait Bathing Milk
Image copyright The Scottish Fine Soaps Company

Oatmeal Cram Body Wash
Oatmeal is extremely moisturising, and I feel like this would be a proper treat to lather into your skin. It's also scented with Jasmine, Rose and Camphor, and yes please.
I'd get this for my other half, as I quite enjoy the idea of him smelling like thistle and black pepper. Also it'd mean he'd have his own comb and could stop stealing my combs and brushes.

The Scottish Fine Soaps Company - Thistle & Black Pepper Face & Beard Kit
Image copyright The Scottish Fine Soaps Company

Do you have a favourite bath or beauty product?
What would be on your wishlist?


  1. Oooh! I'm going to have to keep an eye out for Au Lait Bathing Milk! I used to see it at Homegoods when I worked there. Now I'm kicking myself for not trying it out!

  2. Oooh these sound so lovely! I really love the sound of the Au Lait bathing milk, it sounds really dreamy and luxurious :D xx

    elizabeth ♡ ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara

  3. I love the idea of online window shopping, so much fun!! Those bath salts with added sea kelp sound absolutely dreamy, I am such a bath fan and these sound super indulgent and relaxing. Thanks for sharing your favourites Cora! <3 xx

    Bexa |

  4. These all look lovely!! I never splurge on items like this but I wish I did.
    - Kate xo

  5. These all look lovely! I like a good window shop.

  6. oh! jon bought some of their stuff for my mum last christmas!! :)

  7. Ugh, I love personal beauty products. I definitely don't need any more, considering the massive Bath and Body Works lotion collection I have!


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