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01 October 2019

Ten Blogtober Post Ideas for Bookworms

I somehow managed to complete Blogtober last year, still no idea how I managed it, but it was so much fun that I knew I'd be doing it again. I loved to be that little bit extra creative, and it made me a lot more enthusiastic about blogging in general. It also led to some new opportunities for me, and I couldn't be more thankful.

Ten Blogtober Post Ideas for Bookworms

If you're thinking about taking part in Blogtober but have no idea where to start, why not use these post ideas as a starting point? They're great mixed in between Book Reviews and Book Tags, and features like Top Ten Tuesday or Book Beginnings.

This post very handily fits in to That Artsy Reader Girl's Top Ten Tuesday, even if it doesn't fit the theme this week of book titles with numbers in them.

Bookish Blogtober Post Ideas

  1. Autumn TBR
    Autumn is in full swing, so why not talk a bit about those books you're planning to read and share your Autumn TBR?
  2. Favourite Horrors
    Halloween is just around the corner, so why not share your favourite horror books and films.
  3. Get Crafty
    The long evenings are perfect for crafting. Share some of your projects in blog posts.
  4. Autumn Essentials
    What do you keep in your bag in autumn? What's your must have for the chillier weather that's upon us?
  5. Keeping Cosy
    How do you keep cosy when you read as the nights draw in?
  6. Self Care
    The shorter days and longer nights, the rain and the wind, it all takes it's toll. Share your rituals, how you take care of yourself.
  7. Reading Playlist
    Share your autumnal soundtrack or even just music that reminds you of the book you're currently reading.
  8. A Random Q&A
    I found a random Q&A generator last year, it it brought up some interesting questions that I had fun answering
  9. Shelf Tour
    Show us nosy people your bookshelves! I love seeing which books people have on there, usually adding at least 5 new books to my own TBR in the process.
  10. Wrap Up
    I love reading warp-ups and seeing what people have read or watched or visited throughout the month. They make me feel a little less guilty for not completing my TBRs too.
So there we have it! Ten ideas to help you with your Blogtober posts.

Are you taking part in Blogotber this year?


  1. These are such good ideas! I especially love the random Q&A generator, I'll for sure be banking that idea.

    Aoife |

    1. It was so much fun, really got me thinking as the questions were different haha.

  2. Brilliant ideas! I'm not taking part in Blogtober this month as I'm already doing Inktober but these ideas will still definitely come in handy!

  3. I really love the idea of the Random Q&A generator.. I might have to add that to my list of blog prompts.

  4. These are all excellent ideas! I did blogtober last year but won't be doing this year sadly! Hopefully next year!

  5. I love this post and am bookmarking it for further reference. Thanks a lot!

    My TTT.

  6. Blogging about self care is such a good idea.

    Here is our Top Ten Tuesday.

  7. These are great ideas! I especially like the Random Q&A one- I've never thought of that, now I'm curious to go check out that Q&A generator!

  8. I like the Autumn TBR and sharing my favorite Horror books or movies. These are great ideas, Cora! :)

  9. Cora you came up with some great ideas for Blogtober! I love that you were able to create some original ideas after doing Blogtober last year <3 one day I will be like you! For now, I'll go off of other ideas so I don't have to think too much for my first year. I can't wait to read the rest of your blog!

  10. I like what you did this week - it's giving me some ideas. :)

    Lauren @ Always Me

  11. Great ideas! I think it's a huge commitment and I'm impressed by anyone who manages it! I did the 12 days of Christmas last year and that was tough!
    - Kate xo

  12. These are great ideas. The random Q and A generator sounds like a really fun thing to do!

  13. This will be my first year participating in Blogtober. It is going well so far, which is honestly surprising, haha! Good luck to you, and I love these prompt ideas!

  14. omg i would love to do a shelf tour, properly, but theres just too many :')


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