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07 October 2019

Five Random Questions

Last year, inspired by Jenny in Neverland's Random Questions Generator post, I posted my own Five Random Questions. And it was so much fun that I'm back to do it again.

I'm using the same website as last year, and I have to admit that I did cheat a wee bit and refresh the page a few times as I kept getting prompts I'd already done. We all know that my favourite Disney Movie is Beauty and the Beast.

Five Random Questions

Which do you like better, coffee or tea?
Tea. Obviously. I mean, I am the Tea Party Princess. Although I do have a soft spot for Costa's Gingerbread & Cream lattes in winter, and I enjoy them so much that I sometimes contemplate buying a Tassimo machine so I can have them year round.

Have you ever burnt your hair?
Accidentally? Yes.
Intentionally? Also yes.

What is your favorite clothing brand?
I don't think I have a specific favourite brand, but this summer I bought a pair of Acai Activewear Skinny Outdoor Trousers after being swayed by them constantly appearing in ads on my feed and talking to fellow chunks who had bought them. And I fell in love and I'm no contemplating a thermal pair for winter.

What are your favorite albums?
At the moment I love listening to Human by Dodie and Ludovico Einaudi's Islands.
I have probably listened to Human daily since it came out, I honestly can't get enough of it. It may only be seven tracks, but I love the story that the album tells and I don't think I could pick a favourite track.
Islands is an album that makes me feel like star-gazing and waterfall chasing and treasure hunting. I have it playing in the car whenever we go on an adventure and it chills me right out.

Where did you get your name?
My mum got sick of people asking her what she'd call her baby and joked that if I was a boy I'd be named after the nearest river, the Clyde, and if I was a girl I'd be named after the Corra Linn waterfall. After a pretty traumatic birth, she came to to discover that my dad had taken her joking seriously and been down and registered my birth, naming me after the nearest landmark. With an incorrect spelling, of course.

Again, this was so much fun. It made me stop and think a bit and brought up some nice memories.

Would you do a random Q&A?


  1. I absolutely love the story of your name. I have to ask about the hair incident though... What the hell?

    Loved this post. I'm tempted to do it myself.

    1. Being a teenager doing ill advised spells. I mean, at least I'd cut a lock off first? xD
      You should do it, it's very fun. Also I'm nosy.

  2. I also like Dodie! That album is fab x

  3. My Tassimo has saved my life – and my bank balance! I used to spend so much on coffee every morning before I bought my machine. Also, I've really started to love fruit teas at the moment – some of them are super autumny.

  4. The story of your name is excellent! I also love Dodie, she is wonderful!

  5. I have also burnt my hair... On a candle... When using it to melt chocolate...

  6. I love that last question, and I am laughing so hard at that story! That sounds like something out of a book! Cora is a beautiful name though!

  7. i gotta ask, why did u intentionally burn your hair?


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