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27 October 2019

I Found My Perfect Walking Boots

When I started going on more adventures, I knew I needed better walking boots. I'd been using a pair I'd bought reduced to £5.99 from Aldi about five years ago and while they were okay for shorter walks, they were starting to show their age and I needed thick socks and blister plasters on hand for anything over an hour. Don't get me wrong, they lasted me well, I just needed something a step up for full days exploring the landscape.

I Found My Perfect Walking Boots - Genuine Women's Vibram Walking Boots - Trespass

When I set out on the hunt for new walking boots I knew two things - I wanted leather boots and I had a budget of £150. I decided to hit up a local outlet park, as there are around five outdoors shops clustered together and a couple shoe shops, and I figured the odds would be in my favour. I pulled on my thickest pair of walking socks and set out.

Genuine Women's Vibram Walking Boots in Navy - Trespass

I think that Trespass was the third shop I tried, and when I saw the Genuine Women's Vibram Walking Boots in Navy I pretty much fell in love. I knew the second that I tried them on that they were The Ones. They fit like a glove, supported my ankles and high arches. I waited until I had been round every shop and tried every pair that fit my criteria, and after around two hours I came back and bought my boots. They were on sale, and I ended up combining deals in store to get them for less than £50 including some walking socks.

Bamburgh Castle, Bamburgh Beach, Northumberland

Since then, I have been putting them through their paces. They've been all over the North of England, from the castles of Northumbria to the sweeping Durham dales to a tiny island off the Cumbrian coast. I wear them every weekend when I'm exploring, and clean them with a damp cloth,  then oil them with golden mink oil once a month. They've been tested on pretty much every terrain by now and I am just as in love as when I first saw them. They haven't given me a single blister, even when I've worn a normal pair of ankle socks.

I am so tempted to buy another pair and keep them away for when I wear these out, although I know it will be a long time in the future.

Genuine Women's Vibram Walking Boots in Navy - Trespass


  1. This was such a good post. Now I want to go get a pair of hiking/walking boots, too. :)

  2. I used to have boots similar to those! So comfy and perfect for walking!

  3. I'm also from North England!

    I have a pair somewhere but I have a feeling I might have left them at my mum's last time I was up there (she lives in the country).

    I don't get to do many long walks as I should because I can only really walk out my front door - I don't drive :')

    They look super nice though!

  4. Those boots look super comfy! I'm looking for boots myself to handle the winter and fit with outfits too! I might have to check my own local outlet store!

  5. I love a good pair of walking boots! I need a new pair so you've inspired me to do some boot shopping!

  6. I'll have to look out for these, I find it so hard to find comfy shoes of any kind and even harder to find comfy and supportive!
    - Kate xo

  7. If I'm honest I don't really do any walking/hiking but it sounds like such a great hobby and one I'd love to have! Now I just need to stop being lazy...

  8. if you love them as much as you say i highly recommend getting a spare pare to put away! my docs finally crapped out on me and they dont make that style any more, ive a pair VERY similar but i know its not the same


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