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03 October 2019

Book Review: Reign: Darkness Rises by Lily Blake

My name is Cora and I am trash for Reign, of course I was going to buy the short stories related to the series.

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Find out how the Darkness rose to power in this digital original short story based on the hit CW television show, Reign.

Long before Mary's reign, another power ruled over France. Born from blood and terror, it was called the Darkness.

Now the Darkness has returned, and Bash is determined to stop it from spreading through the land before it can destroy the people he loves most.

This is an original short story based on the hit CW television show, Reign, starring Adelaide Kane.

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5 Words: Perfect length for a cuppa.

First off, this wee novella is tiny. It's only around 48 pages. And as it is about The Darkness, it has a definite horror edge, making it perfect for this time of year, and not really similar to the source TV show. But, it's only 99p and I think that was money well spent.

Now, I am Reign trash. I have watched it so many times on Netflix that I'm surprised I haven't had a message popping up to ask "r u ok, hun?" and a gentle recommendation to watch something else.

This was a nice companion to the TV series Reign, and delves a little deeper into the backstory of a very dark character. If you haven't finished Season One of the TV series then do not read this novella, because there are (mild) spoilers!

This short story has a very definite fairytale feel to it, which helped to emphasise the plot, and was overall it was a very enjoyable story. It's a good little read when you need to pass the time, nothing to really invest in, while still giving a bit extra to the TV show that I am absolute trash for.

Darkness Rises is a great look at whats makes someone evil and what can cause people to change so drastically. I loved getting that bit of insight into the past of The Darkness and it made me even feel a bit sorry for him.

That said, despite there being so few pages, there was some fierce character development, which I thought was quite an achievement! It's wonderfully written for such a short novella.


  1. I DIDN'T KNOW THERE WAS A NOVELLA?! It sounds like the kind of novella I love to read. I stopped watching Reign just before Series 4 started to air.. and I don't know why I stopped. I was, still am, trash for this show, but to watch Series 4 means there'll be no more.

    Lauren |

    1. There's not just ONE NOVELLA. There are two short novellas and two full lengths stories. And I am trash for the lot of them.

      I did the same with series four when it started. BUT you can do like I did and just watch the entire four series over and over. Then it never needs to end!

  2. It's always great when companies release these little companion novellas which fit into the world of a show or movie! I never got into Reign but it always looked really gorgeous with the costumes and I like history so maybe I should give it another go one day, glad to see you enjoyed the novella so much and that it packed in some great character development as well! Thanks for sharing x

  3. I love short stories, especially when I'm in a rush or need to go to sleep but want a small book to wind down to before bed x

  4. I haven't seen the show so I'll have to pass on this for now at least. But it sounds great, I'm lad they packed so much into the characters despite the shorter length x


  5. I really need to read these and watch the show, great review!
    - Kate xo

  6. Such a stunning cover!😍

    Shirley |

  7. Great review! This isn't something I would typically pick up but it looks interesting!

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  9. I did not know there were books? I have yet to watch the show, but it looks right up my street.


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