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18 November 2019

Triwizard Tournament Readthon: First Task Wrap Up

So something amazing happened this past week. I took part in a readathon and I stuck to my TBR and I even read every book I'd planned. I'm having such a fun time with this readathon that I'm going to do mini wrap-ups for every task so I can track my progress.

Triwizard Tournament Readthon: First Task Wrap Up

I am in Durmstrang so I had to defeat the Swedish Short-Snout. And since I was ill in bed with nothing to do, I threw everything at it and completed every challenge prompt. Go me!

What I Read

  • For the first challenge I had to defeat the Swedish Short-Snout by rereading a favourite that makes me feel protected. I reread Fashionistas: Laura by Sarra Manning.
  • The first method I chose was Speed, and I read the graphic novel Heartstopper Volume 2 by Alice Oseman during sprints on the first evening.
  • I followed up with the Conjunctivitis Curse reading Fashionistas: Irina by Sarra Manning because of the eyes on the cover.
  • Next I decided to send my dragon into a Bewitched Sleep with a book I read in bed. Honestly I was ill enough that I've done all of my reading in bed, but I read Jane Eyre: A Retelling by Tanya Landman in a single sitting.
  • It took me ages to pick a book with an animal on the cover for Distraction, I was scanning my bookshleves when my eyes hit upon Starfish by Akemi Dawn Bowman. It has a jellyfish, a starfish, and a turtle on the cover.

My favourite book for the first task of the Triwizard Tournament Readathon was definitely Heartstopper Volume 2 by Alice Oseman. I was almost in tears by the end because it gave me such feels, honestly my heart is full, and it truly fit the prompt as I sped through it.

Total Books Read: 5
Total Pages Read: 1456

Are you taking part in the Triwizard Tournament Readathon?
What have you read recently?

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  1. That's a lot of challenges! Congratulations, and u hope you're feeling better.


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