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07 December 2019

Fantasy Dorothy Perkins Haul

I'm bored, I'm skint, I'm going window shopping!

Today I'm scouring the Dorothy Perkins website and putting together an outfit that I would love for present shopping, mooching around markets, and walking under the Christmas light displays. I'm looking for comfort and practicality, and things that can easily be integrated into other outfits.

So yeah, here's my imaginary Dorothy Perkins haul!

Dorothy Perkins - Petite Cobalt Ribbed Stitch Jumper
First up this gorgeous jumper. I'm a sucker for cobalt blue, it brings out the green in my eyes and the red in my hair, and it's probably the only really bright colour I'll wear year round. The knit is really pretty and I love the shape of the collar. I think this also looks pretty smart so it'll join my work wardrobe.

Dorothy Perkins Petite Black Corduroy Frankie Jeans
I think I was about ten the last time I wore corduroy, but I'm feeling a bit nostalgic and I remember it being quite warm. And it's winter so I need warm. Especially when I'm outside braving the elements between shops and sitting on unheated buses and metros. Being corduroy I don't think I'd wear them for anything other than generally nipping around the shops, but they're really pretty.

Dorothy Perkins - Black 'Millie' Fur Hiker Boots
I love a pair of boots, and the more like walking boots they look the better. I actually already have about five pairs of boots that look really similar to these, but they're in various shades of brown and stages of wear because I have a problem and if I like something I won't stop buying it. I feel like these would work well on a dog walk too, they have a good tread.

Dorothy Perkins - Multi Colour Check Print Scarf
So far I feel like my outfit is pretty tame in terms of shades, so I thought I'd add some colour and personality. I love this checked scarf and how it has So Many Colours. I've started wearing my hair in a knot on the back of my head, so I no longer benefit from my own hair knitting around my neck like a scarf and keeping me warm. Actual scarf to the rescue!

Dorothy Perkins - Petite Grey Unlined Coat
Basically I really bloody badly need a new coat and have done since I put my last one away in the spring. This probably wouldn't be the warmest, but paired with the outfit I think it'd be really stylish and if I swapped the corduroys for leather look trousers and the boots for a pair of stilettos I think it'd make this a perfect Christmas Drinks ensemble.

So there we have it, my attempts to put together something that isn't cotton tees and skinny jeans! I think I might be getting there when it come style. Ha.

OK so I accidentally actually bought that jumper oops. I guess I better actually wear it while I'm Christmas shopping! 

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