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25 January 2020

Blog Tour: A Weekend at Virgin River *AD Gifted

It has been years since I picked up the first Virgin River book by Robyn Carr. I was in my teens when I picked up the first book and experienced the joy that is Virgin River. Mills & Boon sent me a review copy of the first book to celebrate the release of the Netflix show, and it was all the excuse I needed to jump back in.

To give you an idea of the series, the books can all be read as standalone, but have a common themes of fresh starts, people finding their place in Virgin River, and bringing together found families. It's the best type of story, and although I stopped reading at around the seventh book, it's a series that I think about often. It brings a smile to my face.

I have no idea why I stopped reading this series - I think college had a lot to do with it!

Now that there is a fancy new Netflix series based on the book, I decided to go back to where it all started and read Virgin River by Robyn Carr, then watch the series. In a single weekend. Because why not.


Virgin River by Robyn Carr (gifted)
Charged tablet with Netflix
Ginger Nut biscuits
Chopped melon for snacks
Rosé wine for drinks

Virgin River by Robyn Carr cover

Friday Night

Yes, the weekend for me starts the moment I get in from work on a Friday. And this Friday it starts with a cup of tea and a book.

It's winter and it's freezing, so I'm curled up in a blanket and I'm using a travel mug to keep my tea warm and avoid spills. I'm nibbling on ginger nut biscuits to keep my energy up. I'm going to start the book tonight and see how far I get before my attention wanders (I have a very short attention span). 
Mel squinted into the rain and darkness, creeping along the narrow, twisting, muddle, tree-enshrouded road and for the hundredth time thought, am I out of my mind?
It was all going well until I blinked and it was too hours later and my tea was cold. I had gotten so engrossed in the story that I was almost one third through. I had forgotten how much I absolutely love the writing style and how Melinda's character comes out so much in the narration.

I gulped down my cold tea, grabbed myself some dinner, and started a bath running. Time for stage two of my Friday night!

With lavender bath salts and a large glass of wine, I sank down and continued reading on until my bath was cold and my glass was empty. Now over half way through I got out, dried myself off, put on my comfiest pyjamas and got in to bed.

I only meant to read another few chapters as it was getting late, but I ended up reading until around two o'clock in the morning when I turned the last page.


Even though I stayed up way too late reading on Friday night, I'm up with the sun. Because I am excited. Today is the day I start on my Netflix journey.

I had a super weird dream where babies just turned up on my doorstep every morning, and by the time I woke the house in my dream had babies on every surface. It was weird.

After breakfast, I settled down on the couch with a huge cup of tea and started the Netflix series on the big TV.

I paced myself pretty well, I made a cup of tea for every episode, and after the third episode I took my dog out for a walk.

I do have to say that the characters are not quite as I imagined them - but that's something that happens with most adaptations. I'm finding it easy to see the show and the book as separate, but I love how the show still has the same general vibes. Also the scenery? Wow. Take me there please, I am even more in love with the setting.


We're on the final stretch. Today is my Lazy Day and I have no plans except for watching Virgin River. I am so glad that past me made time for this, because honestly I love it. It's a weekend of self-care and love and warm fuzzies. And wine.

I have six more episodes to get through, and with each episode almost an hour long I don't have much time as I still have to get everything sorted for work again on Monday. With this in mind, I have breakfast in bed and watch two episodes on my tablet. Or, I intend to watch two episodes. What I end up doing is watching four, taking a nap because I'm so comfortable and content, and then make myself a late lunch and walk the dog.

When I get back in, I run myself a bath, pour in some bubbles, pour myself a glass of wine, and precariously balance my tablet on my bath shelf. I like a bit of danger, but also my tablet is seven years old and I need a proper excuse to get a new one.

Two hours and a cold bath later I am done.

I can't believe it's over, and I kind of want to do it all again.

As much as I am a big rereader of books, I am also a big rewatcher of shows and films that I enjoy. Along with Reign and Empresses in the Palace, I feel like Virgin River could easily be on my R U OK HUN? list of go-to shows.

Have you read or watched Virgin River?


  1. This is a lovely way of reviewing your reread!

  2. I loved the Virgin River show even though I've never read the books! I hope there will be another season!

  3. I have never heard of Virgin River before, thank you for introducing me! I love how you reviewed this, I find it so satisfying reading others routines :D in a non creepy way haha! xx

    elizabeth ♡ ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara

  4. Great review! Also I love seeing your reading routine!

  5. what a lovely weekend! i am in need of some melon slices :)


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