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27 January 2020

Unboxing Fairyloot - Defying The Odds December 2019

Although it's usually one of the last of my monthly subscription boxes to arrive (it was well into January when this one dropped on to my doorstep) I have a deep love for Fairyloot. A monthly subscription will cost you £26.00 and for that you will get exclusive bookish goodies and a recent YA fantasy release.

December's Defying The Odds box was packed with goodies!

Defying The Odds, December 2019

Unboxing Fairyloot - Defying The Odds December 2019

In The Box

LiteraryLifeCo Quote Microfibre Cloth
Throne of Glass inspired Enamel Pin
The Wrath and the Dawn inspired socks
Red Rising inspired Pencil Case
Game of Thrones inspired Quote Pencils
Skyward inspired Mangentic Bookmarks
The Priory of the Orange Tree inspired Tea
Collectible Tarot Cards
Advance Copy of Wicked As You Wish by Rin Chupeco
Eight Will Fall by Sarah Harian

My Thoughts

My favourite thing was the LiteraryLifeCo Quote Microfibre Cloth. It came at just the right time for me, as my current flannel is reaching the end of its life and is about to be turned into a cleaning rag! The quote art is beautiful and I love the quote.
My favourite game is called how many chapters can I read in one night

I read Eight Will Fall by Sarah Harian for the Fairyloot Readalong. It is tense and dark and scary and exciting. It gave me actual nightmares, and one morning I woke up with a scream and scared my wee dog. I loved it. There is exclusive artwork on the inside of the dust cover too, it's a gorgeous book and I loved picking it up each day to read a few chapters.

I haven't yet tried The Priory of the Orange Tree inspired Tea. I have a huge collection of tea I'm trying to work my way through! I plan on reading Priory this year, so I may hold off until I start reading it. I do have to say though, it smells amazing.

The Game of Thrones inspired Quote Pencils are, well, pencils. I'm not sure what else I can say about that haha. I will definitely get use out of them though, as I pencil out my bullet journal layouts being inking them.

The Red Rising Inspired Pencil Case is a little bit small for me to use as a pencil case, even the pencils we got in the box are too long to fit in it except diagonally! It is pretty and well made, but I've never read Read Rising.

While I am not a huge Throne of Glass fan, I love the Throne of Glass inspired Enamel Pin. It's stunning, with Fire Breathing Bitch Queen and fiery colours. It'll definitely be going into my regular rotation and I'm excited to wear it - it really is beautiful.

Throne of Glass Fire Breathing Bitch Queen inspired Enamel Pin

I literally just read Skyward and absolutely loved it, so I love the Skyward inspired Mangentic Bookmarks. I love the cute style and I can't wait to use them when I'm reading Starsight by Brandon Sanderson next week.

I always need socks in my life, and I love the design on the Wrath and the Dawn inspired socks, even if I have the newer editions so they don't match my books. They're bright and comfortable and will be in a Sock Sunday Instagram post one Sunday soon.

I have heard a lot of mixed things about Wicked As You Wish by Rin Chupeco, but I haven't go around to reading it yet!

My collectible tarot cards are kind of lurking around my room in various locations. The art is gorgeous, but the colouring (especially on the backs) is very inconsistent and I don't think I'd be able to use them as an actual deck once complete unless my eyes were closed.

This Defying The Odds box was great, but it did feel a little like the items were all over the place, and not really coherent to the theme. I will get a lot of use out of pretty much everything, but it feels pretty random.

Do you get any subscription boxes?


  1. That tea sounds delicious. And I love the socks.

  2. I alway love the look of Fairyloot boxes! Great unboxing!

  3. i love getting tea but im so sad it was orange as that sets off my headaches + eczema ;; ive found a friend to pass it on too though!


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