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05 February 2020

Five Favourite Quotes from The Beholder by Anna Bright

I was pretty excited when I picked up The Beholder by Anna Bright. I received it in May 2019's Unlikely Romances themed Fairyloot box and then read it the next month for the readalong and when I couldn't resist the cover any longer. I absolutely adored reading this book.

Today I'm sharing my five favourite quotes from this beautiful slow burn, and I'd like to see them plastered across all kinds of merch please.

The Beholder by Anna Bright cover

Today I'm sharing my five favourite quotes.

He'd left me burning brighter than the candles.
Now I just felt burned.
My heart was a burning star, singeing my lungs, setting fire to my nerves.
Was it my fault, really, that my chest couldn't hold it?
My heart was a lit candle, a forest fire, a burning star.
I think the powerful would love less the fruits of violence if they had to deal it out by hand.
I was straw in a breath of wind. I was glass shattered on stone. I was the soft red flesh of a heart, vulnerable to every sharp thing in its path.

Hopefully these quotes will convince you to read The Beholder by Anna Bright, but if you need another push then check out my spoiler free review.


  1. "I think the powerful would love less the fruits of violence if they had to deal it out by hand" - that is a GOOD quote! x


  2. WOW these are some powerful quotes, I'm not surprised they stood out for you! x

  3. Those are some beautiful and powerful quotes!

  4. If the cover hadn't already drawn me in, these quote definitely help. I can't wait to read this book.


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