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19 February 2020

Unboxing Shimmer & Luxe - Valentines Gift Set

I decided to treat myself for Valentines Day by getting  myself a Shimmer & Luxe Valentines Gift Set. I was introduced to Shimmer & Luxe through Wildest Dreams book box, where their bath and home goodies are often included in the items, and I quickly fell in love.

Unboxing Shimmer & Luxe - Valentines Gift Set


This box was packed with goodies, they were really crammed in there! It smelled beautiful when I opened it, it even made my mouth water. There was a handwritten thank you note, which I thought was a lovely touch.

Shimmer & Luxe - Valentines Gift Set
  • Smitten Soap 
  • Velvet & Oud Bath Bomb
  • Sweetheart Bubble Bar
  • Champagne & Diamonds Bubbling Bath Truffle
  • Strawberry Kisses Bath Bomb
  • Verrry Vanilla Massage Melt 
  • Be Mine Bubble Scoop 
Shimmer & Luxe - Champagne & Diamonds Bubbling Bath Truffle

The first thing I used was the Champagne & Diamonds Bubbling Bath Truffle. And it was heavenly. It smelled amazing and lightly fizzed away for around fifteen minutes. It left my skin feeling so soft and I can't wait to buy more bath truffles - they're definitely a treat.

Next up was the Verrry Vanilla Massage Melt. I used it after shaving my legs and oh my gosh, I was in heaven. It melts slowly, it's not greasy at all, it soaked in really well, and it left my skin feeling so luxurious. It was an almost decadent addition to my self-care routine and made the chore of shaving my legs worth it.

I've been using the Smitten Soap generally when I'm washing my hands. It smells gorgeous and doesn't dry out my skin - and a bonus, it's lasting for ages!

Last night I used the Velvet & Oud Bath Bomb. It was another slow fizzer, although quicker to disappear than the bath truffle, and it bubbled away for almost ten minutes. It left the water a pale violet colour and today my skin is super soft. Best of all, it fizzed on the surface of the water, it was very pretty to watch.

Shimmer & Luxe - Velvet & Oud Bath Bomb

I have sensitive skin, and I have had no reaction to any of the products so far. The shimmer in them is light enough that it doesn't set me off itching like products from Lush do, and I don't need to vigourously hose myself down after a long relaxing soak.

Next up for me will be the Strawberry Kisses Bath Bomb. Even through the packaging it smells wonderful, but I want to save it for a sunny day.

I decided one cold, rainy evening to use my Be Mine Bubble Scoop. And I was seriously impressed by it. The scoop dissolved quickly and smelled amazing and then... The bubbles. There were so many bubbles! They were thick and fragrant and luxurious, and piled high on top of the water - they even reached the bottom of my bath tray.

I am very excited to use my Sweetheart Bubble Bar - it's the last thing left!

Shimmer & Luxe - Valentines Gift Set Bath Bomb

At only £20 I feel like this was an excellent deal, and I've loved everything I've used so far. It was beautifully packed, with personal touches, and it smelled delightful. I would definitely purchase it again.


  1. This looks like exactly what I need at the minute!

  2. I didn't expect all this to come at a price of £20, I expected it to be much more expensive! One day, when I'm a real adult with a bathtub and a stable income, I hope I can try some of your recommendations out :)

    x Envy
    Lost in Translation

  3. That’s such great value! You get so many different types of bath bombs. I love getting bath stuff so this sounds perfect, I need to look into this!

  4. £20 for all of these is great value! I'm having a lot more baths lately and really need to invest in some products! x


  5. Verrry Vanilla Massage Melt sounds lovely. I don't have a bath so cant use half of these but they sound like amazing value

    Ash |

  6. This is such a lovely gift, and amazingly good value for only £20! I love treating myself to boxes or sets like this! xo

  7. oh im glad i waited until now to catch up, these might be handy idea for mothers day!!!

  8. Yes! Reading and a warm bath! Such a good way to relax and unwind!


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