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18 May 2020

Book Review: A Runaway Bride For The Highlander by Elisabeth Hobbes

Back in March I was pretty ill, just out of hospital, and feeling very sorry for myself. I put out a shout on Twitter asking for historical romance recommendations from Mills & Boon and this was one that came up.

And I'm so glad it did, because A Runaway Bride For The Highlander by Elisabeth Hobbes was perfection. It honestly ticked all of my boxes and is one I will reread again and again.

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Lost in the Highlands... Found by the laird!

Far from her home in France, Marguerite Vallon escapes her arranged marriage to a man she despises. 

Stowing away in a stranger's cart, she finds herself headed deep into the Highlands with Ewan Lochmore, the new Earl of Glenarris! Ewan vows to protect her.

But maybe the freedom Marguerite has been searching for can be found with this rugged warrior...

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5 Word Review: Family, responsibility, honesty, passion, love.

Content Warning: Thread of sexual assault.

This was such an excellent slowburn historical romance. It took so long for them to even kiss and it was exquisite. Honestly a pretty perfect historical romance. The build up had me rooting for the characters and falling for them even as they fell for each other.

I loved the writing style itself, the lush descriptions of everything from gowns to mountains, castles to glens. Even the weather came alive as I was reading, and I felt cold and damp under a blanket. 

There are excellent villains too, in the rival McCrieff clan, which were very multifaceted. It's not just a bad man doing bad things, there's depth to the villainy. It was unexpected and very much appreciated.

There was a thread of mystery that wasn't resolved, and I did find that a bit frustrating. Not to give any spoilers, but I wanted to know the secret of why something happened, and it was never revealed. It just... Seemed forgotten about. I can forgive this however as the characters themselves were pretty frustrated at it too! It's not enough for me to knock stars off, and this was a five star historical romance.

I loved the epilogue at the end, seeing how things had progressed for the characters. Often epilogues in romances have me rolling my eyes, but this one had me smiling. I was so invested in Ewan and Maggie that I grinned like a Cheshire Cat reading it.

A Runaway Bride For The Highlander by Elisabeth Hobbes is a fantastic historical romance, I read it at exactly the right time for me, and it was a bit like a tonic. I felt better just for reading it, and I couldn't put it down.

What's your favourite historical romance?

Book and a bath, A Runaway Bride For The Highlander by Elisabeth Hobbes


  1. I'm glad you got a book that ticked all the boxes you wanted and that you enjoyed it so much. I don't think I've read any historical romance, except maybe The Paying Guests. Brilliant review, thanks for sharing xx

  2. So glad to hear you found this book enjoyable! There’s nothing better than finding something that you enjoy.

  3. This sounds like an incredible read! I'm not a fan of books that rush the romantic story line as it feels forced. The fact that they took the time to stretch it out and let it build - I love that!

  4. I remember reading your thread on Twitter when you had just come out of hospital. Sounded like such an ordeal! Hope you're doing much better now. Historical romance isn't usually my sort of genre but glad you enjoyed this one. I love it when you pick up one of those books that just feels like you were *meant* to read it at that particular time!


  5. Sounds like a great read :)

  6. I'm so glad you enjoyed this! Great review!

  7. This sounds like a great book! I haven't read any historical romances before but this sounds like something i'd really enjoy x

  8. I saw that you were ill, I hope you're doing better now? This book sounds great. I love that it's a slow burn and the characters sound great. The 5 word summary sounds like it has so much potential. x


  9. Ok I just got an overwhelming urge to read this! Argh going to order it now! I hope you're doing better <3

  10. Ooh yeah this is my kind of thing! 😍

  11. I am not usually one for romance, but I have never read a historical romance before!

  12. Not sure this is the book for me, but glad you enjoyed it :)


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