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01 June 2020

Book Review: Falling for His Proper Mistress by Tessa Radley

Back in March I was pretty ill, just out of hospital, and feeling very sorry for myself. While I was browsing the Mills and Boon website I stumbled across the Dynasties bind ups, and I couldn't resist the sound of them. So I put the first one, The Jarrods, in my basket.

Falling for His Proper Mistress by Tessa Radley is a fantastic look at jumping to conclusions and the green flash of jealousy when your feelings are threatened, and I loved it.

Dynasties: The Jarrods: Falling for His Proper Mistress by Tessa Radley cover
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Guy Jarrod believed the rumours of Avery Lancaster’s gold-digging ways. But he still desires her like no other.

So nights of passion will sate his desire and then he’ll send her on her way… 

But what if the rumours were false?

Had he made a mistress out of the woman who should have been his wife?

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5 Word Review: Family, responsibility, jealousy, wine, love.

You know when you pick up a book and it's exactly what you need? This was exactly what I needed.

Reading Falling for His Proper Mistress, especially so soon after Claiming Her Billion-Dollar Birthright, made me fall even more in love with Jarrod Ridge. Honestly, this place is paradise and I love feeling like I am there in the luxury resort or in the wilds near Aspen, even if I'm really just sat in my garden. These books and their setting are pure escapism.

Avery and Guy have an excellent back-and-forth and the chemistry is incredible. One thing I didn't like, weirdly, was Guy himself. He's quick to judge (and usually wrong), very arrogant, and has a bad habit of Not-Like-Other-Girls-ing Avery. It's one of my pet hates when someone has to put someone else down in order to raise someone up. That's not how compliments work, Guy. There were a lot of red flags with him if I'm honest, and it meant that this story was probably my least favourite in the collection.

That said, it is fantastically written and super steamy. I loved the passion and the build up of the romance, the way the characters slowly fell for each other.

And yet again we got a glimpse at the Jarrod family, and I have to say that I'm addicted. Even if it weren't for the glorious setting at Jarrod Ridge, the family itself and the complicated dynamics would keep me reading.

Each book in the series, and the anthology, can absolutely be read as a standalone even as it follows the family.

This story wasn't my favourite of The Jarrods, but it was entertaining, and I loved the back and forth between Avery and Guy.

What's your least favourite romance trope?


  1. Great review! My favourite tropes are either enemies to lovers or fake dating! I don't know why I just love both of those in books!

  2. I love a steamy read! But I also dislike when the love interest puts others down in the interest of viewing their significant other as 'better'.


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