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22 June 2020

Book Review: Marrying His Runaway Heiress by Therese Beharrie

I was browsing the True Love latest releases on the Mills & Boon website when I came across Marrying His Runaway Heiress by Therese Beharrie. I was looking for something heartwarming and passionate, and this sounded like it fit the bill.

I was not disappointed.

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A diamond isn’t forever…

… Until it’s from the right man!

For journalist and heiress Elena John, heading to Italy on assignment is her chance to avoid her impending arranged marriage.

But Micah Williams, the star of her article, is nothing like the uptight tycoon she’s been told to expect, and alone in Italy she falls under his charming spell.

Their time’s almost over, but Micah’s not ready to let her walk away…

His proposal? A convenient counteroffer!

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5 Word Review: Honesty, family, wealth, expectation, Italy.

I flew through this. It was exactly what I needed to cheer myself up.

Although there is instant attraction between the characters, the build-up of their relationship takes a little more time. The lust is there, the distraction, the physical attraction. The trust builds a lot more slowly and I really felt like we got to know the characters.

It is a bit of a whirlwind romance, things happen so quickly. I was almost out of breath just reading about the travels that Elena and Micah undertake in a single week.

Something I really enjoyed was the fashion in this book. Elena uses her clothes and accessories as an extension of herself and it's a really powerful bit of characterisation. I loved her unconventional wedding outfit, it sounded incredible.

Marrying His Runaway Heiress has such a satisfying ending, that honestly I didn't see coming. I know that romances have happy endings, but I really liked the way this one came about and it threw me a bit in the best of ways.

Where would you go on a romantic holiday?


  1. I love a book that surprises you! Glad it cheered you up!

  2. This sounds like a book that’s right up my ally ! I think I’m actually gonna read it, great review ! 😊

  3. This sounds like such a pleasant and uplifting book. Your 5 word summary is incredible too. And I'm a complete sucker for anything sat in Italy. I'm glad this gave you exactly what you were looking for x


  4. It's been YEARS since I read a Mills & Boon and I imagine they've changed a lot since then. I do like the sound of this, especially if the ending isn't what you'd normally expect! x

    Lisa |

    1. I've been reading them since I was probably much too young, but they've definitely changed a lot! I love them :)

  5. The fashion element to the book sounds interesting! Hmm, romantic holiday? Santorini! x

  6. I haven’t heard of this book before. It sounds interesting though! Thank you for sharing.

  7. Great to hear that this book cheered you up. It does sound like a fun book, especially if despite the instant love it takes time to build up the relationship. Maybe I should check it out. :) Great review, thanks for sharing!

    1. Thank you! It really was such a fun read, the relationship build up is exquisite.

  8. I'm not the biggest fan of whirlwind romances, I tend to prefer the slow burners but this does sound good, great review!

  9. This book sound interesting that is for sure. Great review!

  10. Ooooh a travel romance! That sounds right up my street!

  11. Romantic holiday for me in Edinburgh! We love it there:)


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