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15 June 2020

Book Review: To Win His Highland Wife by Elisabeth Hobbes

Back in May I reviewed A Runaway Bride For The Highlander by Elisabeth Hobbes. It was a book I enjoyed immensely, so when I found To Win His Highland Wife By Elisabeth Hobbes as a free read on the Mills & Boon website you can bet that I was straight on it.

This is a short story, and absolutely worth the read. It's fun more than anything, with an excellent slow-building romance. I'd definitely recommend it! To read it, and a host of other free romance books, all you need to do is register for the Mills & Boon website.

To Win His Highland Wife by Elisabeth Hobbes cover
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As the future Laird of Lochmore, Hamish Lochmore needs a wife.

So he enters a competition to win the hand of a woman he doesn’t know, let alone love. Hamish is determined to win, especially if he can defeat his arch enemy, Malcolm McCrieff. Until he encounters Annis Gowen, on a mission of her own.

Dressed as a boy, Annis hopes to wreak revenge on Malcolm for betraying her, and only Hamish can protect her from Malcolm’s rage. Soon Hamish is in love and marriage to a stranger is losing its appeal.

Maybe, he can find a wife by other means…

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5 Word Review: Family, responsibility, secrets, escape, pride.

For being a short story, only 20 chapters, To Win His Highland Wife is an excellent slow-burn and a bit of an adventure.

It's a very fun story. Annis is proud and brave trying to get revenge against her betrayer.  I loved her strong will and her determination, how steadfast she was. I also loved her moments of vulnerability and how Hamish was part of them.

I really enjoyed the chemistry between the characters. I loved Hamish's confusion as what he felt of Annis when she was disguised, it was really cute watching him trying to figure things out.

This is a passionate story with passionate characters, and I love the Lochmore stories. I will absolutely seek more of them out!

To Win His Highland Wife by Elisabeth Hobbes is a great short historical romance. It's fun and adventurous and a bit of a compulsive read. I almost wish it was longer, but it was pretty perfect as it is. And it was free. I love a free romance book.

What's your favourite historical time period?


  1. Oooo this sounds like a great read!

  2. I'm really interested in reading more historical romance so I definitely need to add this to my TBR!


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