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17 August 2020

Book Review: My Fake Rake by Eva Leigh

I found My Fake Rake by Eva Leigh pretty much by accident. I was just scanning Twitter, hoping to find a deal, when someone tweeted that it was only 99p on Kindle. I can't always read ebooks, but at 99p I bought it for a good brain day. And luckily for me, I hit one the next week and jumped right in.

My Fake Rake by Eva Leigh cover

Lady Grace Wyatt is content as a wallflower, focusing on scientific pursuits rather than the complications of society matches. But when a handsome, celebrated naturalist returns from abroad, Grace wishes, for once, to be noticed. Her solution: to create the perfect man, to act as her suitor, and help her catch his eye. Grace’s colleague, anthropologist Sebastian Holloway, is just the blank slate she requires.

To further his own research on English society, Sebastian agrees to let Grace transform him from a bespectacled, bookish academic into a dashing - albeit fake - rake. Between secret lessons on how to be a rogue and exaggerated public flirtations, Grace’s feelings for Sebastian grow from friendship into undeniable, inconvenient, real attraction. If only she hadn’t asked him to help her marry someone else...

Sebastian is in love with brilliant, beautiful Grace, but their bargain is complete, and she desires another. Yet when he’s faced with losing her forever, Sebastian will do whatever it takes to tell her the truth, even if it means risking his own future - and his heart.

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5 Word Review: Society, academia, expectation, love, friendship.

I was so incredibly impressed with My Fake Rake. It took a lot of commonly used tropes and dropped them on their heads. It was clever and fun and I barely had a smile off my face the whole time I was reading.

Eva Leigh is one of those authors where I know (ish) what I'm getting in to before I pick up the book. I know I'll enjoy the story and the characters, and with it being romance I know there will be a happy ending. And I know that I utterly adore their writing style so I'm in for a real treat. I highlighted over 100 passages.

My Fake Rake is legitimately one of the most fun books I have read for a long time. It had me giddy with excitement, I got so caught up in Grace and Sebastian's relationship and the back and forth hesitation between them is perfection.

I loved the play on fake-dating. I loved the make-over scene and the coaching and the hilarity that ensues. My Fake Rake is cheesy and it doesn't pretend not to be. There's a bit of nostalgia to the writing and Grace did often remind me of Evelyn from The Mummy with her sharp quips.

I think one of my favourite things was how Grace and Mason's interactions kind of mirrored Seb and Grace's. It was cute, the realisations they came to. And I something I really enjoyed was the exploration of Seb's anxiousness, and how he worked within himself to try and overcome it.

I loved how much actual science there was in the story. These two inquisitive minds are so awkward and it's the cutest. And fascinating too, seeing how society judges them so differently for it. The anthropological lens of Seb was fun to read,

I can't wait to read more Union of the Rakes books.

A burr of anger flared within her, that a woman could not exist in this world on her own. She would always be subject to a man’s munificence, always be less than because she’d been born a female.


  1. I feel like I could get on board with this kind of love triangle, because it's not really one? Definitely interested in this :)

  2. This sounds interesting and I know someone who would love this! Great review!

  3. I definitely want to read more historical romance and this sounds fab!

  4. I love the sound of this Cora! Definitely going to keep my eye out for it as it sounds like an enjoyable one.

  5. I really think I need to get into Historical Romances! I'm going to add this one to my TBR! Great review!

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