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31 August 2020

NSFWathon Prompts and TBR

This is mostly a booktube readathon, and although I don't fancy filming myself I do fancy taking part. So here we go!

Not Safe For Workathon (or NSFWathon) runs from 1st September to 30th September, and is filled with truly filthy and funny prompts.

Not Safe For Workathon NSFWathon Prompts and TBR

NSFWathon Prompts

The prompts for NSFWathon made me spit out my tea when I first read them, but they really are excellent and imaginative prompts. I'm pretty sure I can hit each of them with mostly the books I already own anyway, which is even better!

G-Spot - mood read a book you think will hit the spot
Orgasm - listen to an audiobook
Golden Shower - read a book with gold on the cover
2 Girls, 1 Cup - read a book recommended by 2+ people
Popper - read a relaxing book that opens you up
Shooting Blanks - randomly select a book from your TBR shelf
Pussy - read a book that has an animal on the cover
Lube - read a book that's easy to glide through
Jaffa-Caking - read a book whilst eating a dessert (or your favourite food)
Clit - read an under-hyped book or one that was hard to find

My NSFWathon TBR

I honestly don't know what I'll be reading, except that it will be romance! I'm only going to count romance reads toward this readathon.

Expect a lot of Mills & Boon, probably more of the Dynastie series if I'm honest because I still have three bind ups to get through. I also picked up one of the Billionaire Boss bind ups so I think that might feature too.

There is one book that I know I will definitely be reading, romantic saga The Dover Cafe at War by Ginny Bell (AD - PR copy) it will probably fulfil the Lube prompt as I find sagas such an easy and comfortable read.

If you have any historical romance recommendations then PLEASE throw them at me. I definitely need some historical romance to go with this thoroughly autumnal weather. Also I need a book with an animal on the cover, so if you know a romance with an animal on the cover throw that at me too.

I am very excited for this readathon!

What are you planning to read in September?


  1. Omg these prompts are hilarious! I can't wait to see what you read!

    Lois |

  2. Oh my god these prompts! I love the sound of this and I'm so sad to have missed it.


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