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21 September 2020

My Autumn To Do List 2020

Tomorrow hails the start of the astronomical autumn, and since I was a bit tied up during the meteorological autumn I figured now is the best time to share my Autumn To Do List.

As I've posted before, autumn is my favourite season. I love the scents and smells and colours and it inspires me so much. I can't wait to get layered up as the days and nights cool down.

My Autumn To Do List 2020

Autumn To Do List

Walk 100 Miles

I'll only have 89 days to do this, so I'll have to get my boots on often! Part of the month will be me recovering from dental surgery, and the days are shorter, so it will be hard to do. But I did the same challenge in the summer on ViewRanger and it was excellent fun, and it's a good way to keep my fitness levels up and explore new places. I love autumn walks.

Rereading Favourites

We all know that I love re-reading books, and I do this most in the autumn. I'm have such a hankering to reread the DCI Ryan books by LJ Ross and now that I have the first four in paperback (gifted) I can do just that. I'm sure they'll inspire some of my walks too.

Bingewatching Shows

I am mid-way through Ruyi's Royal Love in the Palace and I can't wait to binge the rest of the episodes on Prime Video (affiliate link). I'm also looking forward to Ghosts returning on BBC because it is excellent fun, and I'm re-watching Bedlam because it's creepy and atmospheric.


I have become a wee bit addicted to Elder Scrolls Online and invested in ESO Plus membership, so I will be taking full advantage of access to all of the DLC packs and the unlimited crafting storage. I've been having a lot of fun creating fictional characters on The Sims too, and I can't wait to play with my neighbourhood of Crescent City characters.

Hot Drinks and Cold Days

This ties in a lot to my walking goal - I'll likely have a flask with me so I can have a hot cuppa on the go. I love warming my hands, watching the steam rise. I can't wait! I do need a new insulated flask though, so if you have any recommendations please let me know.

What do you love most about Autumn?
What's on your Autumn To Do List?


  1. Firstly, snap for posting the same blog post today! i lovve the sound of Elder Scrolls, I've never played it but I love listening to the score of it and am determined to play more videos games this year so maybe this might be one I should try too. rereading favourites also sounds like an excellent idea for this time of year!

  2. Lovely list :) I really want to try and make the most of Autumn this year. I can't wait for the weather to get proper colder and for it to not feel like summer anymore! x

  3. Walking 100 miles sounds like a great challenge! A hot drink on the go sounds like the perfect addition to a power walk too :)

  4. Great list!! I haven't really thought about what I want to achieve in Autumn but I love the idea of doing a list like this. Good luck with it all - especially the 100 miles!

    Lindsey |

  5. Yay for fall! Love long walks and hot coffee the most.
    I just followed your lovely blog :)

  6. Walking 100 miles is such an achievement! Good luck and have a wonderful autumn!

    Lois |

  7. I love the sound of an autumn walk but I'm definitely more in tune with the Netflix binging!


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