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02 October 2020

Book Beginnings: The Sin Eater by Megan Campisi

For Book Beginnings, Rose City Reader invites us to share the first sentence (or so) of the book you are reading, along with your initial thoughts about the sentence, impressions of the book, or anything else the opener inspires.

For Friday 56, Freda's Voice asks you to turn to Page 56 in your book or 56% on your e-reader and pick a sentence.

I am currently reading The Sin Eater by Megan Campisi.

The Sin Eater by Megan Campisi cover

Salt for pride. Mustard seed for lies. Barley for curses. 

This book was recommended to me by Charlotte at Charlotte, Somewhere, and she she's a pretty good judge of books and what I will like. So I ordered it right away and I am excited to start it.

Before we even get to these first lines, there is an index of sorts of the foods that would be eaten for each sin, and it is pretty fascinating. I'm afraid there would be a bit of a feast for me.

But those first lines? They gripped me straight away and before I knew it I was three chapters in and my tea was growing cold.

And look at the cover. It's beautiful. I love the little intricacies and how it immediately gives you a feel for the setting. And as you delve in to the story, the design on the front makes you go "ah!" as you realise the significance of the foods represented.

The jug hits the floor, fallen from her hand. I turn to it, then her. She is badly drunk. Or mayhap I am.

This is from page 56 in my finished copy.

Is it weird that this book is making me hungry? Like, seriously hungry. A lot of the scenes where they are doing the sin eating are actually quite vile. And yet...

I am a little surprised by how much I am enjoying this book. It's historical, set in an Elizabethan-era world, and I'm finding everything so easy to picture. I love the little religious and political snippets that flesh out the world as I read too.

What are you reading this week?


  1. Intriguing opening lines and a gorgeous cover--I want to read this now!

  2. Great excerpts! Love the cover, too. Thanks for sharing...and for visiting my blog.

  3. What a beautiful cover! Love the excepts too. Thanks for sharing! Hope you have a great weekend! :)

  4. The Sin Eater sounds like something I would really enjoy. I love a good historical mystery. And what an interesting premise! I admit I am really curious about that index of which foods go with what sins. I am adding this to my wish list. I Have a great weekend, Cora!

  5. Hahah love the opening line and the excerpt as well! I love the cover too!
    Hope you enjoy reading it!
    Here's my Post

  6. This sounds wicked!! Happy weekend!

  7. This sounds excellent! I cannot wait to see your thoughts on it!

    Lois |

  8. This sounds like a super unique and interesting read!

  9. I love the cover and the lines are great.
    Thanks so much for sharing..
    Please follow.

  10. Sounds very intriguing! And the cover is beautiful. Thanks for sharing and enjoy your week :)

  11. Oooh, this is the first time I've seen this cover, but I've seen this book around and was curious about it! The premise sounds really neat, and I enjoy those opening lines!


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