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19 October 2020

Book Review: The Matchmaker And The Duke by Ann Lethbridge

I recently discovered the Literally Gagging podcast, and one of the books they recently covered was The Matchmaker And The Duke by Ann Lethbridge. It sounded excellent and I bought it because I am easily led and have no self control. 

The Matchmaker And The Duke by Ann Lethbridge Mills & Boon cover

Is it ever too late

… to marry a duke?

Sought-after matchmaker Amelia Durant wants the best for her three young ladies as they make their debut. So when the highly elusive but very eligible Duke of Stone shows an interest, she is shocked. Could the handsome devil who dashed her young hopes all those years ago be a changed man? And is he really interested in a debutante as a wife… Or is it Amelia herself who has sent His Grace’s pulse skyrocketing?

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5 Word Review: Love, responsibility, respectability, passion, wealth. 

I love a good historical romance, and this one was definitely good.

I liked the contrast between cynical Amelia and her two romantic young charges. I loved the energy it brought to every situation and I felt the excitement of the two girls. I loved the heightened drama of it all, and the will-they-won't-they little dramas.

Throughout the entirety of this book, in my head Stone was Matthew Macfadyen. Every line he spoke was that voice in my head. Every time I pictured him, guess who I'd see. And that's definitely not a complaint. Even the story at times, and particularly Stone's attitude, reminded me of Pride & Prejudice.

I loved build up between Stone and Amelia, the passion between them. The scenes where they came together alone were simmering away and the sex scenes were very steamy.

One little thing that I noticed were that there were quite a few typos. Usually these aren't something I'd pick up, but I have only been reading finished copies recently rather than review copies so I'm out of the ignore-typos mindset. It was jarring and took me out of the story, which was a shame as I otherwise readily enjoyed it.

Overall this was an excellent read and one I would read again. It was great fun and I loved the passion.  Amelia was an excellent character and I'd happily read more about her life. I'd definitely be interested in a prequel about her own disastrous season.

Men did as they pleased and women trod warily. It wasn't fair, but it was the way of the world.


  1. Great review! I'm not a fan of historical novels myself but I know someone who is and I'm sure we have a copy of this at the library!

    Lois |

  2. Typos definitely draw me out of the story which is a shame but I love the sound of this steamy historical romance.


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