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07 October 2020

Small Acts of Self-Care

It's easy to fall into the facemasks and bath bombs and luxury beauty products end of self-care. But it doesn't have to be spending money to feel better, and it shouldn't be, because that is an unhealthy habit to get in to.

Now I love my bathbombs and facemasks, they're something I try to make time for every week. But I know that they're a luxury and not what self care should be, and I try to tie them in with other things like alone time and reading.

Small Acts of Self-Care

Small Acts of Self-Care

These are my favourite small and inexpensive things to do as self-care, and I often wrap them all up together and really lean into the mindfulness of it all.

A Drink Outside

Make yourself a hot drink, wrap up warm, and step outside. This one admittedly works a lot better when the weather is nice, but I even made time myself this morning to do it when the sun had barely risen, there was a slight drizzle in the air, and the wind had a definite chill.

Fresh cold air on your face, a hot drink warming you from the inside, it feels amazing. At night with the stars above it's even more special.

Time: 15 Minutes.

Fresh Sheets

Is there a better feeling than crawling into fresh sheets? Yes, you have to wrestle with your bedding for ten or fifteen minutes first, but when you can relax in that freshly washed heaven.

Yes, I love my bed. And I love it even more with freshly washed sheets.

Time: 15 Minutes.

Read A Book

As a bookworm, it is easy for me to turn to reading as an act of selfcare. I particularly love Mills & Boon books for sheer escapism, and Romance as a genre works so well at relaxing me and giving me the warm fuzzies. Reading isn't expensive either, there are free books available from so many places.

A 2009 study from the University of Sussex found that reading for as little as six minutes can reduce stress, so imagine what a whole half hour will do.

Time: 30 Minutes.

Have an Early Night

Cancel your plans for the evening and get yourself to bed an hour earlier. Turn off your phone, step away from the screens, and just let yourself rest and be.

Breath slowly and evenly, let yourself be aware of your body, then hopefully drift off. Even when I am suffering from medication induced insomnia, the act of resting even when I can't sleep helps a lot.

Time: 1 Hour (but it's worth it).

What are your small acts of self-care?


  1. What a great idea! I'll have to think of some specific ones. In general, going outside, reading, and Netflix work for me.

  2. Totally agree, such easy things to do too! Lovely reminders.

    Anika |

  3. This is such a good little reminder post! I've just put some fresh sheets on my bed and I'm so excited to sleep in them later!

    Lois |

  4. Ah, fresh sheets! There is nothing better then the feel and smell of fresh sheets right out of the laundry or still smelling of that lavender you tucked between them in the closet. :)

    Jaya |

  5. Knowing what works for you to relax is so important. I spend so much time at my computer that taking a break is important. Recently I’ve gone an got my old Lego out- great to do something with my hands and very relaxing!

  6. These are great tips! I love reading book every time :)

  7. Great tips! I also don't like how beauty centered "self care" has become in the mainstream.

  8. This is such a lovely post. I really need to make more time to have a brew outside.

  9. I definitely need to start going to bed earlier, for sure!


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