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10 October 2020

The Dover Cafe at War by Ginny Bell *AD - Gifted

Zaffre sent me a free finished copy of The Dover Cafe at War by Ginny Bell.

This book is one of the Memory Lane Club books - they're  heart-warming and moving stories about women’s lives, featuring wartime, family and romance. And The Dover Cafe at War by Ginny Bell certainly ticked every one of these boxes.

It's a bit of a tonic of a book. 

The Dover Cafe at War by Ginny Bell Memory Lane Club cover

Dover, 1939

At the heart of Market Square lies Castle's Café, run by the formidable Nellie Castle and her six children.

Since the scandalous birth of her son ten years ago, Marianne, Nellie's eldest daughter, has preferred to stay in the kitchen, hidden away from the scrutiny of the town gossips. Overcome with shame, she has never revealed the identity of Donny's father - not even to her own mother.

But with World War II just around the corner, soon Marianne's past catches up with her. And suddenly the lives of the Castle family become a lot more complicated.

Will the secrets from her past destroy their future? 

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Source: Review Copy

5 Word Review: Family, secrets, betrayal, blame, love.

This book was very much like a tonic to read - it had strong themes of family and love and belonging, and I couldn't have enjoyed reading it more.

Marianne is excellent - she's an excellent mother, daughter, sister, and cook. She's had a hard time of it growing up and some small lies she once told are now bigger than she could have imagines and out of control.

Most of the characters are excellent and lovely people, but there are a couple truly despicable ones that it becomes easy to hate. 

As much as The Dover Cafe at War has a pretty fraught setting as war breaks out and overtakes the lives of everyone around, there is something fantastically soft about the story. There are moments that make you stop and sigh and forget about the bigger picture.

This book was brilliant, and I cannot wait to read more about the characters. I'm torn between wanting the next book to be about the Castle's or Marianne's friends!


  1. Excellent review! I know someone who will love this book so I will send this review their way!

    Lois |

  2. This definitely sounds like a cosy Sunday afternoon kind of read!


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