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16 November 2020

Book Review: Awakening His Shy Cinderella by Sophie Pembroke *AD - Gifted

I was luck enough to win a Halloween giveaway from the author, and she kindle included her latest book Awakening His Shy Cinderella by Sophie Pembroke. I also requested and was accepted for a NetGalley review copy.

I jumped on it pretty much straight away, because it sounded like exactly what I needed, and it fulfilled the Newest ARC prompt for Galleyathon.

Awakening His Shy Cinderella by Sophie Pembroke cover Mills & Boon True Love Romance

Can a festive flirtation last…

After the final cracker has been pulled?

Damon knows Rachel’s always prioritised her family’s needs above her own and it’s time for her to step out of her comfort zone!

Damon usually steers clear of commitment, but neither can resist indulging in a very temporary affair! 

Only when the time comes, can he walk away…?

Source: Giveaway | NetGalley

5 Word Review: Love, family, work, passion, Christmas. 

So err... Awakening His Shy Cinderella was perfect.

I related to Rachel so much, and I loved that I could see parts of myself in her. Her insecurities and small fears really brought her to life, and  I wanted to give her a hug and tell her what an amazing person she is.

Damon is an excellent romantic hero, and I loved how we got to see his own family struggles too. This book is full of complicated and messy family relationships and I loved it.

This story takes the classic Cinderella tropes of an evil step-mother and nasty step-sisters and makes them seem fresh. I could really believe their motivations and it was an excellent layer added to secondary characters. It wasn't so much a Cinderella retelling as a modern interpretation of the story, and instead of a fairy godmother there was a charming hero by Rachel's side.

In terms of festive cheer, Awakening His Shy Cinderella is full of it. I loved the small magics and wonders of Rachel's Christmas window displays, and it invoked memories of Fenwick's Christmas Window as a child and how magical it all felt. I liked the community sense of story in the arcade and even in the big department store.

I want to go to a Victorian Christmas market and drink hot chocolate and listen to a choir sing. I want to string fairylights all around. This book helped me get fully into the festive mood, and I'd love to share the magic.


  1. I'm not a big one for romance books.This does sound cute though. I mostly just want the scarves the people are wearing on that cover though

  2. This sounds cute! Great review!

    Lois |


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