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09 November 2020

Galleyathon Prompts and TBR

I have a lot of NetGalley review copies that have built up while my health has prevented me from reading them, and since I'm in a good place in terms of function right now and Galleyathon is starting today I thought there was no better time than the present to tackle some of them!

Galleyathon also comes with a Self Care board game which sounds perfect! The board has 11 bubbles to tick off and a fantastic list of self care ideas. I plan to do one for each 50% I get to in a galley, so two per book.

Galleyathon Prompts

There are four main prompts for Galleyathon, but they also have a bingo board.

The Prompts:

  • Your Newest ARC 
  • Your Oldest ARC
  • An ARC You're Excited For
  • An ARC You Regret Requesting
The Bingo Card:
  • An Expected Rejection
  • Complete Three Self-Care Challenges
  • Finish a Book
  • Read a Book Set in Winter/Christmas
  • Clear Your NetGalley Shelf
  • A Book That's Already Released
  • An Own Voices Read
  • A 5 or 1 Star Read
  • A Hyped Read

I like how the bingo is a mix of prompts, and not necessarily reading. There is no way I can clear my NetGalley shelf, but I can definitely make a start on clearing specifically the eight Mills & Boon titles languishing there, and if I manage them all I will consider that square ticked off.

Self Care Challenges

I will be using a random number generator for my self-care challenges every 50% of a book that I read, except for the final prompt as we're in lockdown where I am (and I was shielding anyway) which I'll be replacing with Drink Gin.

  • Take a relaxing bath or shower
  • Have a hot beverage
  • Have a snack
  • Do some meditation
  • Go for a walk
  • Call/Text a friend
  • Dance Party!!!!
  • Watch some funny videos or tik toks
  • Take a picture of your reading spot (and send it to @galleyathon)
  • Watch a movie/TV show for a well deserved reading break
  • Take a picture of your bookshelves (and send to @galleyathon)
  • Do a facemask
  • Watch a Booktube video
  • Treat yourself to a new book perhaps? (we won’t tell)
  • Go on a trip to the library (wear your mask of course)

My Galleyathon TBR

I'm going to pick the book for my Newest ARC at the end of the readthon, because there are a couple of pending requests for Mills & Boon titles on my shelf and I am very excited for them.

My Oldest ARC is The Scandal of the Season by Annie Burrows so that will be first up for me. It sounds like excellent fun and I love historical romance, especially those set around the Season and all the small dramas that ensue.

An ARC I'm excited for is The Takeover by SL Swan, mostly because I absolutely loved The Stopover by TL Swan when I read it last year and it blew my expectations out of the water.

For an ARC that I regret requesting, I will be reading The Maid's Best Kept Secret by Abby Green. I actually don't regret requesting this book at all because I only request books I really want to read, but I do regret the timing. It was the worst possible time I could have requested any book in terms of my physical and mental health.

I am very excited for this readathon and where it will take me. Bring on the happy endings and making a dent in my NetGalley shelf. My feedback ratio currently sits at 27% and I'm hoping to up that a bit.

What are you planning to read next?


  1. This sounds like a fun readathon challenge. I did chuckle at the thought of you clearing your Netgalley shelf. I'm still traumatised from you showing me how many books were on it 😆

  2. Oh, I like the sound of this readathon. I hope you have fun with it and are able to read plenty of books. I also like the idea of the Selfcare part and the challenges on it are so much fun.


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