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30 November 2020

Book Review: The Queen's Impossible Boss by Natalie Anderson

A discount code for the Mills & Boon website dropped in to my inbox back in October and I just couldn't resist. I picked up the The Queen's Impossible Boss / Stolen To Wear His Crown bind-up. I love a secret royal story.

The Queen's Impossible Boss by Natalie Anderson cover Mills & Boon romance

Bound by duty...

Tempted by desire!

Switching places with her twin was supposed to give Queen Jade a couple of weeks escape from duty in New York. Now she has to handle a professional scandal and her sister’s impossible billionaire boss!

Yet, perhaps, Jade and Alvaro Byrne can explore their unrivalled connection… Just for Christmas!

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5 Word Review: Work, responsibility, family, love, goodness.

The Queen's Impossible Boss was excellent - it's the type of romance that makes you giddy, that you can't get enough of. It's infectious in its passion.

First off there was the wonderful chemistry between Jade and Alvaro. And if that wasn't enough there was then the fantastic character building - I loved them so much and especially so together. Then it hits up the Secret Royal trope and it just gets better.

Jade is incredible as a person, she is bound by duty and a product of her lonely upbringing, but is truly good and hard-working and honest. And earnest. She is an absolute joy to read, and I just want to be her friend.

Alvaro has had a really tough life, and despite it all and the tough exterior, he's such a sweetie. I want to give him a hug and a smack around the face all at once.

The story does have a hint of Christmas, but it doesn't over-take the rest of the plot. The Queen's Impossible Boss just happens to fall in the holiday season and it makes the romance all the sweeter. It's a fantastic romance, and I heartily recommend it.

Next up, Stolen to Wear His Crown by Marcella Bell.


  1. This one sounds interesting! Great review!

    Lois |

  2. This sounds like a really fun, light-hearted read. That's what we all need during this holiday season, right? Something that will allow us to escape, just for that moment. After all, there is enough negativity and uncertainty in the world today. Why not leave that for just a short moment while we can?

  3. discount codes are so so so tempting! gald it ended up being a worthy purchase :)


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