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10 January 2021

Six for Sunday: Bookish Wins of 2020

I'm joining in with Steph at A Little But A Lot's Six for Sunday feature! It's a weekly feature that gets you thinking and sharing.

The theme this month is all about books, and this week the prompt is Bookish Wins of 2020. I actually found this prompt quite hard because 2020 was a shit show if I'm honest, but it was also really rewarding once I figured out my six wins. It was like... Yeah, I did do something.

Six for Sunday: Bookish Wins of 2020

Six Bookish Wins of 2020

I read Priory of the Orange Tree
This gets a win all of its own, because it is A Beast of a book at over 800 pages, and it took me a fair while to get through. I read it for my first Series Crackdown in February,

I Unhauled 100 Books
During the spring/summer I set a little table up at the top of the front garden with a box of books for people to take for free - I needed to un-haul books, libraries were closed, it was a success.

I Chased Happy Endings
I read So Much Romance in 2020, and I loved it. I love the joy of happy endings so much that continuing to read lots of Romance has made it into my Bookish Resolutions for 2021.

I read House of Earth and Blood (twice)
This is another book that I picked up due to Series Crackdown, although this time in August, and it is another Beast of a book at over 800 pages. Only this time I managed to read it twice, because I wanted to break my heart repeatedly.

I Found Bookish Podcasts
I found some amazing bookish podcasts to listen to! My favourite is Literally Gagging, although I now hear their voices reading the sex scenes in romance books every so often which is less than ideal but also quite hilarious.

My Nephew is a Reader
He's currently reading about four years ahead of his classmates and I couldn't be more proud! I'm struggling to keep up with what to buy for him, but it means I'm reading a lot more kid lit too which is very fun.

What was your bookish win of 2020?


  1. I'm loving reading everyone's posts today as they all have some version of "2020 was a shit show". Priory and Crescent City definitely count as wins.

  2. I love this and reading your post! I need to check out this podcast now and that's brilliant about the unhaul too! I'm determined to sort through my books and unhaul some this year.

  3. Massive congrats on unhauling 100 books, I really need to follow your example! And I really want to read Priory of the Orange Tree this year, I've heard such amazing things about it. Also fabulous news about your nephew - it obviously runs in the family!

  4. Congratulations on all of your wins for 2020! Wow! Being able to unhaul 100 books is amazing. It can be hard, but hopefully whoever picked up the books can enjoy them! It is great that your nephew is a reader! Good on him!

    Nancy ✨

  5. Yayyyy these are great achievements! I haven't seen this post anywhere else but I kinda wish I had done my own bookish wins of last year post! x

  6. Priory is such a huge book, well done for reading it! Looks like you achieved a lot in 2020.

    I'd have to say getting my TBR down is a bookish win for me!

    Lois |

  7. Oh I would love to find some bookish podcasts! And I definitely need to do an unhaul haha! But book shelves are FULL!

  8. Ahh I still need to read Priory!


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