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25 January 2021

Book Review: Girl from the Red Carpet by Scarlet Wilson

I couldn't wait to read Girl from the Red Carpet by Scarlet Wilson after I finished the first 200 Harley Street romance, Surgeon in a Tux by Carol Marinelli. I actually bought the entire series after finishing the first one, and I've been racing through them ever since.

Girl from the Red Carpet by Scarlet Wilson 200 Harley Street Mills & Boon Medical romance

Behind the PR girl's smile…

Lexi Robbins is determined to throw off her daughter-of-a-celebrity image and make her name as the Hunter Clinic’s Head of PR.

And if that means pestering gruff, sexy Scottish surgeon Iain MacKenzie till he co-operates, she’ll do it! She’ll shine up this rough diamond and make him a star!

That’s the last thing long-grieving Iain wants, but could Lexi’s dazzling smile be his redemption…? 

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5 Word Review: Fame, family, recognition, love, attraction.

Content Warnings: Medical procedures, infertility, death in childbirth. 

I didn't know if I'd like Lexi - I'd barely seen a glance of her in the first book. But I needn't have feared - she is an expectational character and I absolutely loved her.

Lexi has been through a lot before this book - she hides it well but her insecurities cut to the quick. I felt so sorry for her, and I hated that I knew exactly how she felt at times. I'm glad that just like Lexi I'm in a better place.

Lexi is a PR Powerhouse. Iain is a successful surgeon. Together they are just a firework waiting to explode.

Iain has a lot of trauma in his past. He's standoffish and at times quite aloof, but he has a big heart and a fierce protective streak. I do have to say that his whole alpha routine at around three quarters through the book didn't do it for me, but otherwise I loved him.

And the passion between them. Wow, pass me a fan, I need to cool down.

I am absolutely loving the 200 Harley Street series, I have a feeling that every book will be a hit because I am enjoying it  that much. The ebook bundle of all eight romances is just £6.49 from Mills & Boon.


  1. Those content warnings make this one a hard no for me, but I loved your review. And thank you for the warnings!

  2. Great review! Thank you for adding the content warnings. Although not for me, I know someone who would love it.

    Lois |

  3. This doesn't sound the kind of romance I usually pick up but I'm intrigued!

  4. I have latrophobia(fear of medical and hospitals), so i think I should steer clear of this one! Thank you for the content warnings, and I am glad you enjoyed this read!


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