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03 January 2021

Six for Sunday: Bookish Resolutions for 2021

I'm joining in with Steph at A Little But A Lot's Six for Sunday feature! It's a weekly feature that gets you thinking and sharing.

The theme this month is all about books, and this week the prompt is Bookish Resolutions.

Six for Sunday: Bookish Resolutions for 2021

Six Bookish Resolutions for 2021

Take Part in Six for Sunday
I'm going to do it! Or, er... Try? Wish me luck! I've even drafted out all of my S4S posts for this month ahead of time.

Read 100 Books
I have started tracking my reading on The Storygraph this year, and I think that 100 books is a nice number. I plan to read a lot more romance this year and I know I generally fly through those.

Read A Romance A Week
I have loved reading lots of romance in 2020, and I am not ready to stop chasing my happy endings yet. I will be reading (or trying to read) a romance every week in 2021, and I'm keeping myself accountable with a bullet journal spread.

Finish Series
I have so many series where I have only read the first book, or the first two. I want to be a completionist with books the same way I am with games. I'm going to try and finish as many series as I can.

A Major Unhaul
I'm going to be moving, and I am not going to be moving hundreds (thousands?) of books with me. I have to make some difficult decisions and get rid of a lot of books, because as much as I would love an entire room dedicated to being a library, I know that's not actually feasable.

Watch More Adaptations
I was truly spoiled in 2020 with all of the amazing adaptations that I watched, and I am definitely going to keep it up! I have loved all of the romance (Virgin River, Bridgerton) and the drama (Tiny Pretty Things) and I can't wait to watch more.

What are your Bookish Resolutions for 2021?


  1. A romance a week is such a lovely idea - we could all do with some cheering up at the moment, thank you for this great suggestion and good luck with your resolutions :)

  2. 100 a year is so high! I'll have to build up to that

  3. Wow! 100 is a lot of books! I'm aiming for 25, just a little more than I aimed for last year. I'm hoping for 2 books a month and maybe 3 books here and there. Great post and best of luck!
    (Sorry if I double posted. There was a glitch on my end and I logged out ��)

  4. I'm going to be honest, I don't make NEARLY enough time for personal reading. That's one thing that I'm hoping to work on this year... I want to enjoy reading more and not just reserve it for personal development and business books lol

  5. I do so enjoy a good film adaption of a book I love, though I can get quite attached to my interpretations of the characters in my head!

    Best of luck with your move; my rule of thumb is to give away any book I will not read or reference again. :)

  6. I love these. Six for Sunday is my favourite post to write every week. I also set my goal at 100 and had a big unhaul. I hope you manage to achieve all your goals.

  7. I read a ton of romance last year, it was my most read genre actually, and I'm definitely planning to keep that up :)

  8. I love setting bookish goals and resolutions! Good luck with all of them and good luck with your move!

    Lois |

  9. A Romance every week sounds perfect to me! I love a happy ending ☺

  10. In 2021 I want to read more. I read 57 books last year but sometimes left it days or even weeks between picking up a book

  11. Good luck with all your resolutions! I definitely need to do a big unhaul as well, I have way too many books that I am not interested in reading anymore.


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