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18 January 2021

Book Review: Surgeon in a Tux by Carol Marinelli

I'm not really a fan of medical romances (or so I thought) yet something about Surgeon in a Tux by Carol Marinelli piqued my interest. So I bought it.

And I have no regrets. I raced through it in a single sitting and then immediately bought the rest of the books in the 200 Harley Street series too.

Surgeon in a Tux by Carol Marinelli 200 Harley Street Mills & Boon cover

Unbuttoned by the boss!

Renowned plastic surgeon Leo Hunter has sacrificed everything to restore the Hunter Clinic to its former glory. Now this legendary playboy - equally at home in a tux as he is in his scrubs - always has a glamorous woman on his arm.

So why is he drawn to his prim and ├╝ber-efficient new head nurse, Lizzie Birch?

She’s the first woman in a long time who is resistant to Leo’s intoxicating charms.

And it might break all his rules, but Leo can’t resist the challenge of unbuttoning the intriguing Lizzie!

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5 Word Review: Reputation, love, family, care, prestige.

Content Warnings: Medical procedures 

If I'm honest, I bought Surgeon in a Tux on a whim back in 2015, when it was free in a promotion. Medical romances generally aren't quite my thing because I'm very squeamish. But this weekend I found myself without an internet connection and in the mood to read a romance - and this was the only unread one that was already downloaded to my kindle.

This book didn't have many scenes to be squeamish about, for all that it is set in a luxurious clinic. So I had nothing to worry about! There were a few scenes with minor operations and the removal of stitches, but they were few and far between and not graphic at all. Any content warnings are very minor and brief.

I loved Lizzie. She's so selfless that it's almost a flaw, and it's so understandable why she is the way she is. She's so caring, and so suited to her job.

At first the last thing I wanted was her and Leo together. Being a romance, I knew it was inevitable. They are driven very much by lust, and I loved how their relationship developed from it. This romance moves fast, propelled along by the fast-paced working environment of the clinic. I loved seeing Leo soften, and by the end I was rooting for them to be together.

I have gone on to buy the complete 200 Harley Street series and I can't wait to read the rest. Also, Carol Marinelli is definitely going on my romance-authors-auto-buy list because I absolutely loved the writing style.


  1. There's nothing like picking up a good romance book. And there's nothing like picking a good romance book you can't put down. You've got me reaching for a copy.

  2. Great Review! There is a library customer who would love this!

    Lois |

  3. Even though I am not a romance reader, your reviews always make me want to pick them up. The man in the suit doesn't harm either.

  4. With my latrophobia (fear of doctors and hospitals), I don't think this would be the book for me. But I am glad you enjoyed it!

  5. I don't think I've ever read a medical romance. This sounds interesting!

  6. I've not really been familiar with any medical romances! But I like anything medical when it comes to books and TV so this might be a genre for me! Great review :) x


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