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23 February 2021

My Skull Inspired Wishlist

I am joining in the #TeamMina festivities in the run up to the release of Mina and the Undead by Amy McCaw on the 1st of April.

Putting this post together, I was living my best goth girl life. Mina sounds so much like teen me, and I am here for it. I cannot wait until April when I can read all about her myself.

When I was 17 I was pretty much skint, but I did save up my EMA (anyone remember that?) to buy my first pair of Doc Martens - spray painted silver of course - and a Nemesis Now journal. Today I'm sharing some skull-shaped and inspired things that I would have bought if 17-year-old-me had access to Etsy and a little more money to spend.

*sighs in teenage nostalgia*

Not going to lie, I'm tempted to buy all of this on payday.

Hand Painted Vampire Skull Nails

Hand Painted Vampire Skull Nails

I am a massive fan of painting my nails, but sometimes I'm too tired or don't have time or I'm just being lazy. Or maybe I have a special occasion coming up. When the situation calls for it I reach for the falsies.

I love there vampire skull nails, the detail is gorgeous!

Skeleton Cameo Earrings

Skeleton Cameo Earrings

I just. I can't. They're adorable and creepy and have that vintage aesthetic all at once, and I think I need them desperately in my life. I love cameos, I love skulls, I love these skeleton cameo earrings.

I'm tempted to get myself a little collection of jewellery.

Skulls and Rose Glass Tumblers

Just look at them. Look at them. They're gorgeous. Creepy and slightly romantic, and I'm a total magpie for anything shiny. And how good would they look with red wine in them?

Skulls And Roses Reusable Bamboo Travel Mug

I don't have much need for this right now as I'm still shielding, but once I'm allowed out again? I'll need this for my adventures. I love a cuppa on the go and this one is so freaking pretty.

Go Smudge Yourself Wax Melts

Go Smudge Yourself Wax Melts - Rebel Potions

I just ant to see a skull melting, I guess. It'd look so cool. Also it smells like lavender, sage, rosemary, and mint and it think it sounds amazing.

So there we have it, all the little skull inspired things on my wishlist and soon to be in my basket. I think I'm most excited about the wax melts. No, the glasses. No, the travel mug. Nah, I'm excited for it all.

#TeamMina #MinaAndTheUndead


  1. I love stuff like this. I'm far from a teen, but I have loads of skull stuff in my house lol.

  2. That mug and those earrings 😍😍

  3. These are all so cool! I may be buying some of these things.

    Lois |

  4. Okay, I don't think you understand how much I need all of this! I love everything spooky.


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