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08 February 2021

Book Review: The Proud Italian by Alison Roberts

As soon as I finished the previous book in the 200 Harley Street series I picked up The Proud Italian by Alison Roberts. This is a series that is definitely easy to race through.

The Proud Italian by Alison Roberts medical romance Mills & Boon

The Proud Italian...

Top-notch surgeons Rafael and Abbie de Luca were once the Hunter Clinic’s ‘dream-team’. But when their baby daughter fell ill, their idyllic life came crashing down.

Now reunited, it’s clear to this proud Italian and his wife that their time apart has changed them – but can they rekindle their once bright and burning passion?

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5 Word Review: Family, belonging, lust, love, belief.

Content Warnings: Medical procedures, cancer, child death. 

I loved Abbie, I empathised so much with her. I felt so much for what she had been through. I also absolutely understood where Rafael was coming from, especially when an event from his past medical career was revealed.

As much as this story is a romance between Abbie and Rafael, it's also very much about the broken relationship and how they both reacted to what was happening with their daughter. They have to examine their past together and I love how that sparks them remembering the good times and the passions. Theirs was very much a relationship built on lust that then develops into love.

The ending was so so lovely, a part I would happily read over and over.

I haven't hit a book in this series I haven't enjoyed yet, so wish me luck!

200 Harley Street


  1. Great review! This one isn't for me because of the trigger warnings but I know someone who will enjoy it!

    Lois |

  2. I don't handle medical procedures very well, so thank you so much for that warning!


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