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19 March 2021

Book Review: Project Kaitlyn by Grayson Avery *AD gifted

I was provided with a free ebook of Project Kaitlyn by Grayson Avery ahead of the blog tour.

If you're after your next klutzy romantic heroine with a outrageous group of friends, then you've come to the right place.

Project Kaitlyn by Grayson Avery book cover

Meet Kaitlyn Colby, a clumsy, inappropriate blurter with self-esteem issues, but also quite handy with an axe. She's certainly no superhero, but she fights the battles of a single mom with sweet snarkasm. Between work and pining for and co-parenting with her man-child ex (is there any other kind?), Kaitlyn has no time to find that special someone. And if she did, would he really want her anyway? Kaitlyn's sister and friends (The Sweet Water Circle) say yes, so following a typical Kaitlyn slip up, The Circle intervenes to force her out of the funk that she fell into following her unwanted divorce.

When Kaitlyn makes a decision to pursue her advertising career over love, she tumbles (like no tumble you've ever seen… or heard) into the life of hunky, bay breeze-drinking Hunter Dixon, an ad exec who is intrigued enough by Kaitlyn that he hires her firm to revive a struggling project, much like herself.

Can Kaitlyn become the woman she needs to be to land the man of her dreams? Maybe. Maybe not. But you'll laugh out loud as she tries. There's no doubt you'll be rooting for the lovable, hilarious, and relatable Kaitlyn. And you'll probably love her friends, too, which is good, because their stories are ready to be told in the Sweet Water Circle series!

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5 Word Review: Friendship, responsibility, toxicity, family, love.

Are you looking for a disaster character? Well, look no further, because Kaitlyn is A Mess. And it is hilarious.

Kait has been absolutely shredded by her past, and on top of her dwindling confidence, all she wants is to be wanted and loved.

I really like the fun banter between the main friendship group. They're keeping their eye on Kaitlyn, they know what she has going on with Aaron is unhealthy, and they're trying to do their best for her. They just do it in the most hilarious ways and I loved the in-jokes and plays on words, the gentle teasing. It was outrageous at times, and it was an excellent depiction of friendship. It really did make me laugh out loud.

I loved that part of Project Kaitlyn was all about Kait rediscovering herself. She wasn't Kailyn, the mum. She wasn't Linnie, the woman used by her ex. It was lovely to see her grow as a character and become herself again.

Project Kaitlyn is a quick read, generally light-hearted but with a deeper exploration of toxic relationships and the hold that narcissistic people can hold over you. It was about a mum becoming more than just Child's Mum and finding herself again. And there was an excellent will-they-won't-they love story.

I'm excited at the prospect of more books about the friendship group, because they sure have some stories to tell.

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  1. Great review! This one sounds really interesting.

    Lois |

  2. Another great review. This sounds like one I might want to pick up!

  3. I love this style of book cover! They always pull me in so much.


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