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27 March 2021

Book Review: High Heels in the Highlands by Liz Hurley *AD gifted

I was provided with a free ebook of High Heels in the Highlands by Liz Hurley ahead of the blog tour.

Not me on another fictional trip to the highlands! Once travel is allowed I have money saved especially for a stay and all of these highland romances are making me even more excited for it.

High Heels in the Highlands by Liz Hurley had me weirdly aching for the Gretna Green services and all of the tourist tat, I am definitely buying myself a tartan blanket.

High Heels in the Highlands by Liz Hurley book cover

Clementine’s swapped a London flat for a Scottish castle – but will she get her fairytale ending?

After discovering they were heirs to an enormous fortune, the lives of the five Hiverton sisters have never been the same. 

While oldest sister Ariana settles in Norfolk, Clementine heads up to the remote Scottish Highlands to move into the castle that forms part of their estate. Not bad for a girl brought up scrabbling for money in a tiny house in East London…

However, Clem quickly finds out that Ruacoddy Castle is falling apart, the neighbours – especially grumpy young farmer, Rory - are suspicious of her and the eccentric housekeeper, Ottoline, is still in residence.

But as Clem finds herself growing closer to the village community, even growing closer to Rory and forming an alliance with Ottoline, she realises that life in the Highlands might just be the change she needed. 

She just needs to find out if Manolo Blahnik make wellies…

Take a trip to the gorgeous Scottish countryside with this utterly feelgood, romantic and hilarious read – fans of Jenny Colgan, Holly Martin and Cressida McLaughlin will love this!

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5 Word Review: Family, secrets, art, love, scenery.

Oh, take me to the highlands. Take me to Ruacoddy Castle.

High Heels in the Highlands is an excellent and truly laugh out loud romantic comedy. Reading it feels a bit like watching a Working Title film, with that picturesque look on the world. Whether it was London, a remote locked-in pub, or an ancient castle, I could picture everything perfectly.

I loved the vast, sprawling family, and I want to read a story about them all! This is the third book in the Hiverton series although they can absolutely be read as standalones and out of order. I will definitely be keeping an eye on Liz Hurly so that I can read about each of the five sisters and the future of their immense estates. I'm particularly excited to hopefully read more about Paddy, who I think is the subject of the second book, as I am intrigued by her.

This book plays a lot with classism and rich versus poor. It's even a major plot point in a very creative way, and I love how the author explored it. There are delves into the duties of landowners, the prospects of people in remote communities, and how a name isn't everything. It was beautifully done.

Clem has a massive change in scenery from the first pages to the last - and not just the scenery around her. I loved the character development, and how as much as she started off brash and confidence, she mellowed quite a bit as she found her place and her people and a pace of life to suit her. I loved her enthusiasm about everything she cares about.

Is it weird that one of my favourite characters was a side character? Otto is A Lot and I loved her for it. She's had a hard life, with hidden thrills and lots of heartbreak, yet is fiercely loyal and supremely talented. I loved every moment of Otto and Clem clashing, and I loved how their relationship developed beyond begrudging respect.

I have to say that I took a fancy to the main romantic interest Rory from the off, even if Clem wasn't so enamoured. He's rough and ready and kind and generous, he's unafraid of hard work and doing what needs to be done, and is genuinely nice. Sweet Rory.

I will absolutely be reading every other book in this series. If they're even a fraction as funny as High Heels in the Highlands I'll be roaring with laugher.

Tomorrow would be a better day. She would follow her parents' example and find the fun in every bad moment.
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  1. We love a funny romance read. I have a copy of this so I'll be sure it's one I pick up soon

  2. I swear that you read some of the best romance books Cora! This sounds great and I love a funny romance so another book being added to the never ending TBR now.

  3. You are the best perfect to come to if I am in need of romance recommendations! Great review!

    Lois |

  4. Your reviews always make me want to pick up the books even when they're really not my genre. I have a huge love of the Highlands

  5. I definitely need to learn to find the fun in bad moments. Sounds like a great message from this book.


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