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02 March 2021

My Favourite Horror Films

I am joining in the #TeamMina festivities in the run up to the release of Mina and the Undead by Amy McCaw on the 1st of April.

I'm not a massive fan of most horror. I can't hack it with gore and violence. I prefer it when a horror really gets in to your head.

So here is a run down of some of my favourite horror films.

Mina and the Undead: My Favourite Horror Films


This one really gets in your head, I love the intensity of it and the manipulation of the main character. It's chilling and shocking.

Van Helsing

It's just so much fun! Vampires and werewolves and a supernatural hunter. I love how fun it lets itself be and I wish there were more films like it.

Shaun of the Dead

It's a classic. To be honest I could watch the entire Cornetto trilogy over and over and I suppose in a way they're all horror films. But I love the fun of Shaun of the Dead, the way the actors have fun with it, the epilogue that lightens things up.

Lesbian Vampire Killers

I just love the camp feeling that this film has. It's fun, and as far from serious as can be.

What's your favourite horror film?

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  1. I knew Midsommar would be on this list! I'm still thinking about that months after watching it.

  2. I love Midsommar so much it is just so wild!

    Lois |

  3. I love Horror so much! I have actually never seen any of these, so I will have to add them to my to watch list!


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