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04 March 2021

Book Review: The Infinity Files by SM Wilson *AD gifted

Usborne Books sent me a free electronic review copy of The Infinity Files by SM Wilson via NetGalley.

Do you know how excited I was for this book? Having loved The Extinction Trials, I had very high expectations of The Infinity Files. And I was not disappointed...

The Infinity Files by SM Wilson cover

Ash Yang dreamed of being a starfighter pilot. But when she crashes out of her final test - literally - she somehow lands the most powerful job in the universe.

As Guardian of the Infinity Files she must secretly planet-hop through the galaxies, stealing or returning treasures that have the power to stop wars...or start them.

But when her home planet is the one at war, is she the right person to save it?

Source: NetGalley, Review Copy

5 Word Review: Responsibility, power, friendship, space, war.

I feel a bit sick at how good this book was. No, really. I have a massive book hangover and don't know how I can bring myself to pick up a book that isn't The Infinity Guardians (I have to wait how long?!).

The Infinity Files is amazing. It is tense and adventurous, and there is danger everywhere. It is exhilarating and heart-breaking, yet the hope in the story almost glows.

Ash is ballsy and confident and knows what she wants - and her journey as a character, the development? *chef's kiss* The story is a pretty even mix of being driven by plot and character - as much as sometimes thing are propelled along out of Ash's control, when she does take control it is one heck of a ride. I loved the way she matured as a person, how the responsibility thrust upon her changed her in small ways that were so subtle I didn't realise until the end.

This is the second sci-fi I've read recently where my favourite character is the AI. Orius is more than a hologram, and I loved his snark at the beginning. By the end, I'm not so sure I should trust him, but the growth? Amazing. Although I was left feeling a little bereft.

The only downside, the only negative I can think of, is Ash's response to a corset on one of the planets she is sent to. With the technology at her disposal and what I know of corsets from experience, it didn't make sense to me that a corset would be uncomfortable. I could understand her balking at the restrictions a corset and full skirts imposed upon her, she's never had long skirts tangling about her legs, but corsets are comfy, damnit!

The ending of The Infinity Files? Wow. I was on the edge of my seat, fidgeting, unable to sit still. It is INTENSE and breath-taking and I had to stop reading and do a little scream.


  1. How did I not know that this book was coming out! Immediately pre-ordered after reading your review!

  2. I have never read or heard about this book but it does seem like a good one tho I am more into romantic books and books about personal development and self growth. I think I might have to try this.

  3. If a book is so good it makes you feel sick then that's quite something! This seems amazing. The title and cover had me instantly. Great review! x

  4. This sounds like an awesome book! I will have to check it out!

  5. Fab review! I haven't heard of this book but I definitely need to add it to my TBR!

  6. Oh my goodness, I'm not sure that I've ever heard such a glowing review before! This book sounds amazing - will definitely be adding it to my pile. Fantastic review.

  7. Your review has made me so much more excited to read this one now! I am going to get on it immediately!

    Lois |

  8. Oh this sounds SO good. Another brilliant review

  9. This one is definitely on my list! It looks so good!


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