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09 March 2021

Book Review: Wartime with the Tram Girls by Lynn Johnson *AD gifted

I was provided with a free ebook of Wartime with the Tram Girls by Lynn Johnson ahead of the blog tour.

I love a saga, and have a soft spot for wartime sagas. So this was right up my street from the off.

Wartime with the Tram Girls by Lynn Johnson book cover

July 1914: Britain is in turmoil as WW1 begins to change the world. While the young men disappear off to foreign battlefields, the women left at home throw themselves into jobs meant for the boys.

Hiding her privileged background and her suffragette past, Constance Copeland signs up to be a Clippie - collecting money and giving out tickets - on the trams, despite her parents’ disapproval.

Constance, now known as Connie, soon finds there is more to life than the wealth she was born into and she soon makes fast friends with lively fellow Clippies, Betty and Jean, as well as growing closer to the charming, gentle Inspector Robert Caldwell.

But Connie is haunted by another secret; and if it comes out, it could destroy her new life.

After war ends and the men return to take back their roles, will Connie find that she can return to her previous existence? Or has she been changed forever by seeing a new world through the tram windows?

Source: Blog Tour | Review Copy

5 Word Review: Family, betrayal, circumstance, belonging, empowerment.

I loved this story, the way it spread across class and experience, the sweeping arc of love and betrayal and rebuilding oneself and fighting for what you believe in. It was very uplifting and an ultimately very hopeful book, even set as it was against world war one.

Constance at the start is a very privileged character, who held little regard for anyone but herself. She has grand ideas and a grand ego, and is swept up in the suffragette movement - to the detriment of her maid.

It was excellent to see her change and mature as a character and become Connie, a much more well rounded and all together better sort of person. I was sad that it took such heartbreak and hurt for it to happen, but it did make for an intense start to the story.

I loved the inclusion of the suffragettes and suffragists, and that way that the distinctions were very clearly displayed - if you don't know much about them then the information about the movements will certainly teach you something.

I thought I was in for a pretty slow paced book when I picked up Wartime with the Tram Girls, but I ended up swept up in Connie's life, particularly at the beginning. As much as I loved Connie, my favourite part of the story was when she was still Constance and thought she had it all.

I would love to read more of Ginnie's story, so I will definitely be picking up the first book in The Potteries Girls! They can absolutely be read separately, but Ginnie is far too compelling as a side character to just be ignored, so The Girl from the Workhouse went straight on my TBR.

This is a perfect read for all fans of historical saga stories

It had a sense of purpose and she was old enough to make up her own mind.

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  1. I totally don't read enough historical fiction. It was a genre I loved when I was growing up and then somewhere along the line, I lost interest. But you're making me think I need to get back into it again. This sounds like a neat book!

  2. Great review! I really need to get into more historical fiction. It is a genre that I just don't read enough of.

    Lois |

  3. I would love to read more historical fiction. I love history so much, I don't know why I haven't gotten into this genre yet!


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