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12 April 2021

Book Review: The Mersey Mistress by Sheila Riley *AD gifted

I was provided with a free ebook of The Mersey Mistress by Sheila Riley ahead of the blog tour.

Right from the start, The Mersey Mistress hit me in the feels. This book truly has it all, it's a rollercoaster of emotions, and I could not put it down. I am excited to be sharing my review to help close the blog tour.

The Mersey Mistress by Sheila Riley book cover

1910 Liverpool Docks.

Ruby Swift is a hard-working, straight-talking woman of substance who does not suffer fools gladly,

But when tragedy strikes on a bitter Christmas Eve, Ruby and her beloved Archie take matters into their own hands when a trusted employee’s house is mysteriously engulfed by flames and lives are lost.

Orphaned by the fire, Ruby welcomes heartbroken sixteen-year-old Anna Cassidy, into her home and family but circumstances conspire against them and she is unable to save Anna’s twelve-year-old brother Sam Cassidy, who is sent by the Church to Canada as a Homeboy. 

Can Ruby help mend a broken heart and can these two children ever be reunited or is there another higher game in play?

Mersey Mistress takes you on a journey to another time, another place. From the banks of the River Mersey to the frozen waters of the Canadian Saint Laurence River.

Source: Blog Tour | Review Copy

5 Word Review: Family, trust, kindness, belonging, love.

This story broke my heart and then filled it to bursting. Then broke it again. And refilled it. It's a bit of a ride.

There are threads of romance from the start of this story, winding together through the years. Ruby and Archie are the cutest couple ever, and their love is so strong.

Ruby has such a large heart. We are first introduced to her in the prologue, and it is pretty heart-breaking. But she pulls herself up and does her best for herself and everyone around her. She is kind and generous and properly a good person, despite what life has dealt her. She has a fiery attitude and a take-no-nonsense outlook, and it was a breath of fresh air.

What happens to Anna is devastating. Christmas Eve is perhaps the worst day of her life, what could go wrong went wrong catastrophically, and yet she is a bright spark. Although things get pretty desolate for her, I loved how she rallied and grew from her trauma.

And Sam? Oh, poor Sam. He's so positive and full of life, and honest and caring young man who doesn't deserve what happens to him. I read a lot of his parts of the  story on the edge of my seat, hoping and praying that things would work out.

The setting is vast, stretching across years and the Atlantic Ocean. I loved the contrast between the Docks at Liverpool and the open space of Canada, and I liked the contrast between Anna's home life and Ruby's business and home.

I have already read some of Sheila Riley's books under the Annie Groves name, and I will definitely be reading those under her own name.

This is a perfect read for all fans of historical saga stories, and fans of Rosie Goodwin.

The Mersey Mistress by Sheila Riley blog tour banner

Sheila Riley wrote four #1 bestselling novels under the pseudonym Annie Groves and is now writing a new saga trilogy for Boldwood under her own name. She has set it around the River Mersey and its docklands near to where she spent her early years. She still lives in Liverpool. Her new trilogy began with The Mersey Orphan in September 2019.


  1. Sounds like a light, fun read with some heartaching moments! Great review.


  2. Sounds like a light, fun read with some heartaching moments! Great review.


  3. Sounds like a light, fun read with some heartaching moments! Great review.


  4. Thank you so much for this fabulous review Tea Party Princess. I am so glad you liked The Mersey Mistress and I am humbled by your praise.
    Best wishes
    Sheila Riley xx

  5. Wow, sounds like a brilliant read. And I love the setting too. Lovely review, I enjoyed reading!

    Anika |

  6. Children being sent away is something that's guaranteed to tug at the heartstrings, especially when it was such a common occurrence. This sounds like a great sensitive, historical read, thank you, Cora :)

  7. Sounds like a bit of an emotional rollercoaster! Great review, I love the sound of this! x

  8. This book sounds interesting! Thanks for the review!

  9. Oh this sounds like an absolutely delightful and emotional book. I'll be keeping my eyes open for it for sure - glowing review!

  10. This sounds like a delightful little read. Great review!

    Lois |

  11. Another gorgeous review Cora. It sounds like this book really put you throught it.

  12. Dang, I really need to read some historical fiction. I have always wanted to get into the genre.


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