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19 April 2021

Book Review: The Soldier Prince by Kate Hardy

As soon as I finished the previous book in the 200 Harley Street series I picked up The Soldier Prince by Kate Hardy. This is a series that is definitely easy to race through, and to be honest I don't want it to end.

The Soldier Prince by Kate Hardy 200 Harley Street Mills & Boon Medical romance book cover

A Royal surprise…

Injured war hero Prince Marco is desperate to be back in the field, fighting alongside his men. However, healing comes first, and he finds he’s in good hands with physical therapist Becca Anderson - the woman he once shared a magical forbidden summer with long ago..!

Becca can’t believe the boy she once fell for is actually a prince! Marco never told her...

But Becca has secrets of her own - and her fear of their discovery makes staying out of the royal limelight essential!

Resisting her heroic soldier prince, however, may be harder than she thinks...

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5 Word Review: Family, love, responsibility, understanding, fame,

Content Warnings: Medical procedures, war, drug abuse, alcohol abuse, sexual abuse.

Take one hot cross bun of a royal and one fiercely driven physio therapist, add a shared and secret past,  then a dash of secret royal, mix in some regret... And sit back and enjoy The Soldier Prince by Kate Hardy.

Marco is desperate to prove himself, to be more than the backup heir to a small European kingdom. He's loyal to his men, and proud of his work, and as much as the media tries to play him off as a playboy he's so much deeper than that. I loved his smoulder, and that Ethan nicknamed him Zorro almost straight away.

Poor Becca has been through a lot - with no family of her own she has hidden a past that she feel shamed by and built her own little family at 200 Harley Street and the rehabilitation centre she volunteers at. She is such a kind soul, generous and truly nice. My broke for her and what she's been through and I was so glad that this was a romance so I knew she'd be happy at least for now.

I loved the dual narrative, that we got to see the story from both Becca and Marco's perspective. It added to the frustration, it built the sexual tension, and it gave a proper reason for the miscommunication.

This is the first of the 200 Harley Street romances that didn't feel like a medical romance. I love a secret royal, and I love how cleverly it was presented - the power imbalance was acknowledged and worked though, and I am here for it.

I could happily read far more about this couple, especially after the heart-warming epilogue.

Next up, The Enigmatic Surgeon by Annie Claydon.


  1. This sounds great! The secret royal part definitely intrigues me.

  2. Really intrigued by this, I've not read many secret royal books before so this is another to add to my list.

  3. Great review. I love a secret royal book!

    Lois |


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