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17 May 2021

Book Review: Deadly Justice by Nico Rosso

Deadly Justice by Nico Rosso is my first ever Mills & Boon Heroes story. I spotted it as a free read on the Mills & Boon website and I thought why not? It's only eight chapters, so perfect for when you need a romance hit but don't have much time.

Deadly Justice by Nico Rosso book cover Mills & Boon Heroes

Dani Oliver owes her life to Ryan Kimura after the EMT rescues her from the hired guns hot on her trail.

As she and her former lover are hunted across the familiar territory of their rugged California hometown, Dani feels that same tug of powerful desire.

But once in the sights of a deadly smuggling ring that leaves no survivors, can they find a way out and seize their second chance?

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5 Word Review: Danger, history, integrity, justice, love.

I've never read a Mills & Boon Heroes before. Which is pretty wild because I love thrillers, and I especially love thrillers with a dash of romance. The two are a heady combination and the tensions are always heightened. This book is no different.

Now I have regrets, because I absolutely loved Deadly Justice, and it is only the first of the many Heroes books I'll be reading.

I loved Dani and Ryan's shared past - the way they still cared for each other, really. I loved their familiarity and the fierce loyalty between them. What I especially loved was the care they held for each other. The have a deep connection and it shows, even if they've been apart and leading separate lives for so long.

The ending is truly thrilling. The pace builds and builds to a breath-taking climax, and the last few words left me with a massive grin.

This is a very subtle romance - it's more about the feelings than the physical and I really enjoyed it. For only eight chapters, it was astonishingly deep and heart-warming, even as danger haunted Dani and Ryan. We got to see a snippet of a side character, Captain Sarah Gold, and I would love to read more about he - she intrigued me.

Deadly Justice is short and intense, and it had my heart racing. I'd recommend it to everyone.

He had to say it that way, like he knew every part of her, in the same way she understood him, and how well they’d fit together.


  1. Despite loving romance, I've never read Mills & Boon! Those are iconic romance books known to pave the way in the genre. Even my mom knows of them. But I've never picked them up. I should try one sometime.

    1. Definitely! Especially as they have so many for free :)

  2. This is really interesting! I've been loving romance + thriller novels lately. Plus, I've never read Mills & Boon Heroes before. I think this book is a good starter. Great review! Thanks for sharing x

  3. I didn't know M&B offered free reads, I'll have to give them a go - 8 chapters sounds perfect for a lunch time read, thank you, Cora! x

  4. Thank you for leading me to this free read. I've always wanted to try romantic suspense so I guess this will be my first try. Love your review!

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  6. I've never read a Mills & Boon story before, but I definitely feel like I'm missing out, this sounds lovely. I'm a romance reader too, so glad I found this!

  7. I love romance and thrillers but I also have never read a mills and boon!! I shall have to remedy that and have a look for this book it sounds great. I too love a free book!

  8. I love a mix of romance and thrillers and this sounds really good, and I like how there was an emphasis on the feelings of the characters xx

  9. Books in the romance genre are at the top of my list. I read Mills & Boons a lot in my teens. I gee up next to them or rather a library stocked full of them.

    This I must read. It reads intense, it left you with a smile and it's free. What's not to love?

  10. This sounds like such a great book. Thanks for sharing your review!

  11. Great review! I think I need to actually give Mills and Boon a go!

    Lois |

  12. Oooh, I do enjoy a thriller with some romance. This sounds really good.


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