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08 July 2021

A Month of Mindfulness - Check In 1

It's time for my first check in! Let's have a nosy at how the past week has been for me.

I found the Daily Wellness playlist on Spotify and decided to use it to kickstart a bit of a mindfulness journey for myself. I knew I hadn't been treating myself well mentally. This is my first check in of the month.

A Month of Mindfulness - Check In 1

It's been an interesting week.

I actually managed to listen to at least a little of the playlist every single day, and I'm going to keep that 5 of 7 days listened goal in place.

I did find that the music was a bit repetitive, some of the songs were every single day. And a lot of them were already from my Liked Songs. There was one that I just couldn't stand, it had a background chatter to it which was so distracting and set my teeth on edge. By day four I had set the artist to Do Not Play because I was sick of it, and thankfully there was no more.

As for the podcasts, I didn't like all of them and the adverts were a bit annoying. I especially didn't like the running one, as I don't like running at all. As the week went on I ended up disliking it more and more, I hate the huffing and puffing while they're talking as they run and I'm just not interested. There were some handy every day tips from them though so I won't be skipping.

I did enjoy The Doctors Kitchen, they were generally informative and interesting, although the constant plugging of the book had me rolling my eyes.

The Daily Pep was consistently good, I loved the attitude and the directness, out of all of them it was the one that made me thing the most and had the most benefit.

The productions value is pretty high, I liked the little stops from Spotify like here is some music, enjoy or time for a podcast episode. It was cute and added extra structure. I wasn't so keen on the fact that every mini podcast episode, many of which seem especially put together for this playlist, had adverts though. There were five minutes long but 20% of that was an advert.

How I Feel

I feel less overwhelmed. I wouldn't say I feel 100%, I'm maybe up to about 60% if all's said and done. But it's only been a week. I am proud of what I've achieved in just a week.

I think that feeling better is a sum of all of the parts. I've been taking time for mindfulness, and I've been getting more sleep, and I've been moving more.

Getting out into nature and going for that walk felt so amazing. We barely saw another person, stopped to take in gorgeous views, pushed ourselves hard. I can't wait to go for a walk this weekend! And during the week I'm going to try and get out more, even if it's just to the park. 


Goals for the Week

I think I did really well with my three goals from last week, so I'm going to keep my previous goals and add one on.

I did slip a little with the sleep, but I tried to make sure I had nine hours of sleep opportunity, and even though I didn't manage to sleep more (anyone else having trouble sleeping?) I do feel a bit more rested.

The walk was exactly what I needed. It was only a little over three miles, but it was a challenging walk that started with a 730 foot ascent at Cragside. I love Cragisde, it's a gorgeous place steeped in history and beauty. We went expecting rain but it was sunny the entire time. I definitely recommend doing the Gun Walk at Cragside in a clockwise direction so you start with a tough climb, as some areas were pretty steep and easier to go up rather than down. The views were spectacular.

I found a lovely sounding stretching routine, Fitness Blender's Free 3-Day Flexibility Challenge, so I'm going to add that on to my goals and aim to do one of the videos at least four times a week. It seems to focus more on your awareness of your body and staying calm, with lots of deep breathing. And it's pretty slow, which is perfect. I really do need more flexibility, over a year of barely leaving the house has done a bit of a number on me!

  • Listen to the Daily Wellness playlist at least five days a week
  • Aim for eight hours of sleep a night
  • Go for a long walk at least once
  • Do a flexibility flow at least four days a week

Keeping Track

Days Listened: 7
Favourite Song: Stay - Gracie Abrams
Favourite Podcast Episode: The Doctor's Kitchen - Arthritis and Food
Nights with Eight Hours: 4
Longest Walk: 3.15 miles

How do you practice mindfulness?

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