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05 July 2021

Book Review: Hooverville by Kayla Joy *AD gifted

I was provided with a free ebook of Hooverville by Kayla Joy ahead of the blog tour.

Oh no, I was seduced by a pretty book cover! Thankfully the contents lived up the gorgeous artwork, Hooverville was excellent.

Hooverville by Kayla Joy book cover

Annaleise Winston can never seem to fit in with the Society Girls, the strict rules that govern them, or their selfish indulgence during the Great Depression. Behind closed doors, her publicly perfect new fiance, Frank Alexander, is violent and dismissive, but without his financial security, Annaleise and her mother will be on the streets with not a penny to their name.

When Annaleise finally has enough, she runs away and accidentally becomes stranded in a Hooverville, a lawless homeless encampment in Central Park, where she must keep her identity a secret if she wants to stay alive. But a kind shoe shiner named Thomas Kelley may get in the way of everything she thought she ever wanted. As their love for each other grows, the Great Depression worsens, and Frank will pay any price to bring back his bride.

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5 Word Review: Family, survival, hope, secrets, love.

Oh no, I was seduced by a pretty book cover! Thankfully the contents lived up the gorgeous artwork, Hooverville was excellent.

I was surprised by the first person narrative - somehow it's not something I come across often in books. It meant it did take a bit of getting used to, but I think in the end it had me deeper in the story, and I cared more about Annaleise for it.

My heart broke reading Annaleise's relationship with her mother, her mother's attitude is frankly disgusting and I'm so glad that Annaleise was able to grow past it. She's got a good head on her shoulders and a kind heart, she's a good egg despite her rotten family. And then it gets worse for her. God, I hated Frank so much, everything about him is vile. He was excellently written for me to hate him so viscerally. 

I love that she kept her strength, and that she found it in herself to run. She has a great deal of strength, and she uses it all. I liked that once she ran she was resourceful, it added to the many facets of her character. I liked to see her new relationships grow despite the danger lurking, and one relationship in particular, Thomas is lovely. And Frank was dangerous. The contrast between the two was excellent.

I had never heard of a Hooverville before, nor have I read much fiction set in The Great Depression in America, so this book was a bit of an education. I thought it was fascinating, and pretty telling that if anything the rich/poor divide has gotten bigger, when will we learn the evil of greed?

I loved this book so much. It was tense and hopeful and enlightening. It delved into the darkness in society, but it also highlighted the good in humanity. I would recommend it to absolutely anyone.

Hooverville by Kayla Joy blog tour banner

Kayla Joy is an author and artist living in the Pacific Northwest with her family and her many animals. At 20, she has already self published two books: Morbid Tales from Behind the Mirror (available on Amazon now) and Hooverville. You can follow her journey at


  1. Ruth| Ruthiee loves Glamour6 July 2021 at 08:58

    I have never read or heard of hooverville before but it seems like something I would enjoy. Is there an Ebook?

  2. Great post! I can see why this cover seduced you x

  3. I would also be seduced by that cover. It's gorgeous


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