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22 August 2021

Book Review: A Midwinter Match by Jane Lovering *AD - gifted

I was provided with a free ebook of A Midwinter Match by Jane Lovering ahead of the blog tour.

When I see a Jane Lovering book, I jump on it. They're an auto-buy author for me, and I swear every book just gets better. I read Home on Folly Farm by Jane Lovering earlier this year, so A Midwinter Match makes for a second five star read.

A Midwinter Match by Jane Lovering book cover Boldwood Books

Ruby Oldbridge needs to learn to take her own advice. 

A brilliant counsellor at work in York, she is however floundering in her own life. Her romantic track record is woeful, her finances are in a pickle, and she’s back in a house-share after splitting up with her useless ex.

But one thing Ruby is brilliant at, is helping other people find a way through their problems, and she excels at the job she loves, doing just that. 

Happy-go-lucky, Mr Positivity, Zac Drewe also loves his job – the trouble is, it’s the same as Ruby’s, and the management have decided to ‘rationalise’ their department. There’s only room for one of them.

As the snow and winter close in on York, Ruby and Zac have everything to lose, and Ruby starts to wonder if the happy face Zac shows the world, might be disguising a sadder secret. 

Set against one another, they are unlikely friends. But perhaps, if they could take the time to understand each other, they might discover that rather than rivals, they could be the best thing that ever happened to one another… 

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5 Word Review: Work, friendship, family, belonging, winter.

This book? Read it. From the very first chapter there was the usual Jane Lovering dry humour that I love so much, and honestly it was exactly what I needed. Her books never fail to make me chuckle even as they break my heart and put it back together.

One of my favourite things about this book was Jane Lovering writing about York. It's something they do so well, they truly bring the city to life and their love for it is evident in the way their characters interact with the setting. A Midwinter Match brought Vampire State of Mind right back to the front of my thoughts, even if the books couldn't be more different. It's a bit like a love letter to York hidden away behind the story.

Ruby could be one of my all time favourite characters - I just freaking loved her. She has such a good heart and she is so generous and understanding with her clients, yet short with those she may consider enemies. She's very much a stark contrast to Zac, who is short with his clients and sunny with everyone else.

The build of the relationship between Ruby and Zac was excellent. They were definitely enemies, pushed together in the most unfair and cruel way. Seeing that melt into a tentative friendship was lovely.

I have to say that the portrayal of anxiety in this book was outstanding. It was so realistic that I as much as I wanted to rush through the story, I had to step away and do my own grounding.

I loved the exploration of different family dynamics - families are messy, and found families can be even messier. It was beautiful to read.

I will absolutely be reading A Midwinter Match by Jane Lovering again this year, closer to Christmas. Whether it was the cold of the North or the crowded festive pubs, I loved being immersed in winter in this story. I fell in love with the characters and with York.

I listened to a bit of the audiobook (because yep, I already had it pre-ordered) and Rose Robinson again does a wonderful voice voicing Jane Lovering's characters.
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Jane Lovering is the bestselling and award-winning romantic comedy writer who won the RNA Novel of the Year Award in 2012 with Please Don’t Stop the Music. She lives in Yorkshire and has a cat and a bonkers terrier, as well as five children who have now left home. Her first title for Boldwood will be published in September 2020.


  1. Thank you so much - and yes, I agree about Rose Robinson being the perfect narrator!

  2. I've not heard of this book before but I'm loving your review! I'll have to check it out x

  3. Great review! This sounds like such a festive read and Ruby sounds like such a great character - and the development of her relationship with Zac sounds amazing! Thanks for sharing x

  4. I've not heard of this book before, but it sounds like such a good read from you review! Ruby sounds like such a great character too!


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