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16 August 2021

Book Review: Stolen to Wear His Crown by Marcella Bell

I picked up the The Queen's Impossible Boss / Stolen To Wear His Crown bind-up almost a year ago when Mills & Boon has a discount code in their newsletter.

For ~reasons~ it has taken me until now to actually read the Stolen to Wear His Crown, despite me loving The Queen's Impossible Boss by Natalie Anderson. So, what did I think?

The Queen's Impossible Boss by Natalie Anderson cover Mills & Boon romance

From unworldly scientist…

…to his fearless Queen!

Mina has finally achieved her dream of becoming chief scientific advisor of Cyrano when she’s stolen from the interview room! She’s taken directly to the palace chapel where the terms of a secret betrothal mean she must marry the King – immediately.

Powerful King Zayn knows all too well monarchs can’t afford dangerous distractions like love. Yet still, he’s appalled to be wed to a complete stranger! Mina is altogether too sensitive, too scholarly, too unpolished to be Queen. But that can’t stop the desire that flares each time she looks his way…

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5 Word Review: Family, expectation, responsibility, friendship, love.

I have to be honest and admit - when I first picked up this book I put it down after one chapter. I didn't like the vibes, I hated the kidnapping scene and the immediate aftermath.

It wasn't until I read His Stolen Innocent's Vow that I decided to give this book another chance, and oh boy did I warm to it. By the end I absolutely loved Stolen to Wear His Crown, and I regret not pushing past the first chapter when I first picked it up. Because that first chapter is absolutely essential to the rest of the story, yet completely different all at once.

Mina is a fantastic romantic heroine. She's so sure and accomplished, while at the same time remaining vulnerable. She's haunted by grief, forcing herself into an "academic" mould that has her hiding away in too-big and shapeless clothes. She really grows into herself and flourishes as the story unfolds.

Zayn is... Well he needs a shake and to use his words. At the beginning I utterly detested him, but I did very quickly fall as much in love with him as Mina. He is very cleverly written, with more depth than you'd imagine at first glance.

For all that their marriage is pretty much immediate, the romance between Mina and Zayn feels like a slow burn. I loved the slow thawing of their feelings for each other, how resentment turned to respect. 

There were so many sweet scenes between them in the build up to them finally admitting their feelings, and it left me with a huge smile on my face. There's a scene where they're alone in a remote cabin and she cooks for him, and he's thrilled by the idea that she's cooking for him not because that's what he has to do. It added layers of humanity and normalcy to what they are going through. And lets face it, a king and his kidnapped commoner queen is anything other than normal.

Now I am very much looking forward to Pregnant After One Forbidden Night, the third book in the The Queen's Guard series/collection.


  1. Sounds like a great read! I love marriage of convenience stories and will have to check this one out. I mean marrying a prince? Yes, please!

    Thanks for sharing!

    Loren |


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