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14 September 2021

Book Review: Take A Moment by Nina Kaye *AD gifted

I was provided with a free ebook of Take A Moment by Nina Kaye ahead of the blog tour.

I went through a whole box of tissues and bottle of wine reading Take A Moment. It hit so close to home it was like the author could see me. And it was so freaking good.

Take A Moment by Nina Kaye book cover

Life is better lived in the moment

Meet Alex. She has a wonderful fiancĂ©, a job she thrives in, and a best friend she’s known since childhood. Life’s not perfect, but it’s pretty fantastic. Until a shock diagnosis suddenly throws everything off course.

But Alex has never been one to back down from a fight. Now single and unemployed, she packs up and moves from her Glasgow hometown to vibrant Birmingham for a fresh start. In a new job, in a new city, she’s learning all over again what’s important in life.

Friendship, fun and even romance lie just around the corner – but can Alex get out of her own way and learn to just take a moment, and live?

A stunning, uplifting romance for fans of Mhairi McFarlane and Jo Watson.

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5 Word Review: Disability, friendship, work, family, love.

Those five words don't do this story justice, by the way.

This is probably the hardest book review I have ever written. Because this book? Err... It's my life. Someone has been watching me go through my surprise diagnosis and my life falling apart and my body betraying me and having to come to terms that I will never ever get better and can only hope to put off getting more ill for as long as possible... And they've written it.

If you ever wondered what life with Multiple Sclerosis is like, look no further. Take A Moment is absolutely heartbreakingly perfect in its depiction of this auto-immune condition. I almost felt sick at the accuracy, but in a really good way. Is this how it feels to be represented in a book?

I completely understood Alex and her thoughts, feelings, and behaviour in the story. A Life changing diagnosis is difficult enough, but to know you will never get better? Your whole world is turned upside down. My heart broke when her personal relationships broke down, and yet I could see both sides of it. For all that she and her sister were like chalk and cheese there is still care there. 

I utterly adored the romance in this story, and the conflicts it caused. It was messy and felt so real, and it was so uplifting in how it all turned out. Disabled people are allowed romance and happy endings and I'm glad this book allowed one. 

I really enjoyed the work-conflict at Alex's new place, even if it did make me so so angry. And I lived how her manager rallied around her and was an actual friend. 

I wish this book had been around when I was going through the months after my diagnosis. It would have helped me so much (and even now so many years later it is helping) and I am just so thankful that this book is now around. Although my experiences have been very different, this hit the nail on the head. It was sensitively done, and for every hard moment there were moments to make you smile and laugh.

This is a hard hitting yet ultimately uplifting book that I will absolutely read again. 

Take A Moment by Nina Kaye blog tour banner

Nina Kaye is a contemporary romance author who writes warm, witty and uplifting reads with a deeper edge. She lives in Edinburgh with her husband and much adored side-kick, James. In addition to writing, Nina enjoys swimming, gin and karaoke (preferably all enjoyed together in a sunny, seaside destination). Nina has previously published The Gin Lover’s Guide to Dating and has also been a contender for the RNA Joan Hessayson Award.

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