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06 November 2021

Book Review: Red Roses by Katie Ward *AD gifted

I was provided with a free ebook of Red Roses by Katie Ward ahead of the blog tour.

I feel like I need a holiday after reading Red Roses by Katie Ward, it was A RIDE and so much happened.

Red Roses by Katie Ward book cover

Autumn is stuck in a rut and desperate to escape the fears that bind her to the life she’s grown to hate. Back home and living with her parents after university with a degree that seems to count for nothing, she knows something has to change.

After a chance meeting with a stranger at the beach, she makes the spontaneous decision to move to Dublin and chase her dreams. However, what Autumn doesn’t realise is that she has just made the decision that will lead to her death.

But does a short life have to mean an unsuccessful life? Will she be able to make it count?

Red Roses is a compelling and uplifting story that shows the true beauty of life, love and friendship.

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5 Word Review: Death, family, friendship, change, life.

Well, that was a surprise.

The beginning of this book is hauntingly written. Even as I read the last word, I could still picture that freezing beach, the waves, the vivid rose petals. The descriptions in the whole book are lush and evocative. It did take me a while to settle in to the writing style, but I was quickly addicted to the story and seeing where Autumn would end up next.

At the beginning Autumn takes a chance and relies on fate - and honestly? Same, girl. Sometimes you just need to make that leap and see what happens. I loved that her family came round and supported her quickly and that she could live her spontaneous life.

So much happens in Red Roses, it really is a ride. It is fast paced, and it doesn't let up. Autumn's life is full of... Everything. She accomplishes so much in such a short time, and it left me breathless. A lot of things seem to fall into place for her, and I loved how the narrative subtly played with the concept of fate. It's a real roller coaster of a read.

This story, like Autumn's life, is very much a success. And I really want to visit Dublin.

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  1. "She has just made the decision that will lead to her death" - that has to be one of the best hooks to make you want to find out more! Glad you loved it, Cora, thank you for your review, adding this to my TBR pile now :)


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